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The Three of Us The Three of Us is an exclusive short story introducing Zara, the village midwife whose story you can read in Follow Me Home, and bringing us up to date with what s happened to Tessa and Jack from The Village VetTessa and Jack live at the animal sanctuary in Talyton St George They had been friends for years, but it wasn t until Jack interrupted Tessa s wedding that she discovered his feelings for her were stronger than she ever knewNow, a year on, they could not be happier And when Tessa discovers she s pregnant, it s as if all their dreams have come trueBut a scan shows that there are complications, and suddenly Tessa realises that Jack has always had doubts about having a baby Supported throughout by Zara, the village midwife, Tessa and Jack have some tough decisions to makeHowever, as the baby s birth draws closer, Tessa and Jack grow further apart Will he feel differently when the baby is born Or will having her wonderful child mean losing the man of her dreams

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    4.5 Crabstick Sprogget Stars.I love Cathy Woodman s writing, and am proud to say that I have read and adored every one of the Talyton St George books.The Three of Us is a novella which introduces us to the Village Midwife Zara, through her dealings with a now pregnant Tessa and her husband Jack, who we first got to know in The Village Vet.This novella made me ugly

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    This short story is a follow up from The Village Vet as it follows the characters of Tessa and Jack from that book Cathy Woodman s next book Follow Me Home then includes Zara, the midwife that appears in this lovely short story What s the book about Tessa and Jack live at the animal sanctuary in Talyton St George They had been friends for years, but it wasn t until

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    This was a short story following Jack and Tessa s first pregnancy Zara, the village midwife comforts her when she stresses over the baby I can t wait to read the next book in this series it was lovely to catch up again.

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    The Three of Us is a novella which follows on from the book Follow me home In the novella we learn the full story behind Tessa s pregnancy it only having been referred to briefly in Follow me home Reading this immensely after Follow me home was perfect and finished of one of the untied ends of the book.A very enjoyable quick and easy read.

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    Every time I write a review for a Talyton St George novel I say the same thing how much I enjoy the series It s just such a delightful series and I ve yet to not enjoy one of the books in the series I ve read 6 of the 8 with the 8th out really soon and the 7th sitting happily on my Kindle, waiting for me to finish all my review books as they re currently stacking up at

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    Review this was the first Cathy Woodman book I d read because I thought it might give me a little taste of her writing, having been recommended her books in the past I was so glad that I read this Frustratingly I wasn t able to sit down and read it in one big chunk because life got in the way whenever I actually tried to sit down but I read it in three sittings, althoug

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    his short story by Cathy Woodman is a great introduction to readers who have never visited Talyton St George before The story is stand alone, however it can be read alongside Woodman s latest release, Fo0llow me Home, where the characters are mentioned a number of times but the outcome to the pregnancy, which has been upset with complications and uncertainties, is only f

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    The Three Of Us is a short story It centres around Jack and Tessa who are married and expecting their first child The pregnancy develops some serious complications which divide Tessa and Jack in a big way You also meet Tessa s parents and Zara the midwife As part of a small village community it is, as you would expect, hard to keep anything secret and you meet some of the

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    This morning s train journey treat turned out to be a bit darker than I expected, although still a satisfying read.The Three of Us picks up at the end of Cathy Woodman s last Tallyton St George story, with the happy couple now expecting But the path to parenthood isn t smooth with medical problems and doubts the main issues It was lovely to be back at the Animal Rescue and

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    This is a short story following the lives of the characters Tessa and Jack from The Village Vet Tessa is pregnant but without giving out any spoilers things do not go to plan My heart was aching for the couple in this book I has to carry on reading to find out what happened We are introduced to a new character, Zara, who becomes one of the main characters in Cathy s new ful

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