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From the notoriously contrarian author of Against Love, a witty and probing examination of why badly behaved men have been her lifelong fascination, on and off the pageIt s no secret that men often behave in intemperate ways, but in recent years we ve witnessed so many spectacular public displays of male excess disgraced politicians, erotically desperate professors, fallen sports icons that we re left to wonder whether something has come unwired in the collective male psycheIn the essays collected here, Laura Kipnis revisits the archetypes of wayward masculinity that have captured her imagination over the years, scrutinizing men who have figured in her own life alongside controversial public examples Slicing through the usual clich s about the differences between the sexes, Kipnis mixes intellectual rigor and wit to give us compelling survey of the affinities, jealousies, longings, and erotics that structure the male female bond Men: Notes from an Ongoing Investigation

About the Author: Laura Kipnis

Laura Kipnis is the author of Against Love A Polemic How to Become A Scandal The Female Thing Bound and Gagged and the upcoming Men Notes from an Ongoing Observation out in November Her books have been translated into fifteen languages She s written essays and criticism for Slate, Harper s, Playboy, New York Times Magazine, New York Times Book Review, and Bookforum A former filmmaker, she teaches filmmaking at Northwestern University She lives in Chicago and New York.

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    On a process level, Men Notes from an Ongoing Investigation is a successful essay collection Kipnis is a fluid writer with an eye for the mot justeshe varies her sentence structures with grace nothing she writes ever feels forced If that sounds like faint praise, it s because alas I have a lot of problems with the sentiments Kipnis expresses in her elegant prose Here are the main three 1 So Much Freud Lady, you are aware tha

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    At one point in my reading, Goodreads in its infinite Twitter wisdom sent out the Tweet 88% done with Menwhich my younger brother promptly pounced upon I just wanted to let my little brother know that I am now completely done with Men.P.S After initially posting my review, Goodreads asked me, Which of your friends might enjoy Men Inquiring minds P.P.S This also just goes to show how important the right title can be At one point

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    The title of this collection almost belies the wide range of topics Kipnis covers across 14 essays The cover is kitschy, but the essays are deft especially The Lothario, Gropers, The Manly Man, and Men Who Hate Hillary I appreciate Kipnis fearlessness in skewering the men she covers while simultaneously poking fun at herself In fact, some of the best moments in the collection are when she turns inward or identifies with less savor

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    I have never read Pride Prejudice, but I picked up the basics of its plot quickly If you ve never experienced it but have lived through a few years of American cultural productions, it has seeped into you as well It was the radioactive spider bite that spawned an entire genre, the gamma ray burst that even now continues to produce the next thousand years of romantic comedies You ll recognize the zippy dialogue, you ll know the will t

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    Having read this in tandem with Men Explain Things To Me by Rebecca Solnit, herewith a double review.Laura Kipnis is one of those happy warrior feminists whom I m always keen to read Her essays on different types of men that s types with a big capital Greek T for topoi show command of gender theory and a willingness to poke fun at both the sexes I couldn t wait to see the next balloon punctured, especially when she looks at modes of how

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    In her essays, the author takes a look at men from the perspective of exposing certain negative traits, and then finding some value in those faults not that she doesn t find many of the traits problematic in relationships between women and men For example, she finds Larry Flynt, the publisher of Hustler , to be a smut peddler and Scumbag , yet she finds some redeeming value in him because of his genuine support for the first amendment and

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    I expectedfrom this bookdissection of men andlightheartedness The cover and title created that expectation instead I got essays that are almost incidentally about men, which probably made it a stronger book The essays are well thought out and well written And although they aren t strictly speaking humor writing, they do exude a certain flipness which at times is funny I didn t like this book well enough to look up the author s other books, bu

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    Laura Kipnis, a film studies professor who s made a name for herself in irreverent yet provocative writings on feminism, collects a number of essays loosely strung together in this entertaining book I m not sure that the title theme quite fits all the essays, but they flow nicely.The weakest essay imo , Gropers, covers material presented in her earlier book The Feminine Thing, in which collegiate policy on faculty student relationships prompts h

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    Facetiously, I want to say not enough misandry.In aserious vein I was really disappointed by this I liked Kipnis Against Love , so was looking forward to reading this collection of essays Some of it was enjoyable enough I actually quite liked her Larry Flynt essay, her essay about Andrea Dworkin, and her essay about men who hate Hillary Clinton But other ones, such as The Critic and Cheaters , were dulllllllll and full of bland pop psychologising T

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    If I had taken the time to discover who Kipnis is and what she represents before borrowing the book I would have found this .cultural critic and essayist whose work focuses on sexual politics, gender issues, aesthetics, popular culture, and pornography She began her career as a video artist, exploring similar themes in the form of video essays subjects in which my interest is nil As she is now 59 and the book was published in 2014, her first mistake w

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