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Mature Themes Andrew Durbin s Mature Themes is a hybrid text of poetry, art criticism, and memoir focused on the subject of disingenuity and what constitutes personal experience both online and IRL when to go deep in a culture of so many unreliable communication technologies is to resend a text atAM Throughout the book, Durbin s voice mutates into others in order to uncover the fading specters of meaning buried under the pristine surfaces of art and Hollywood, locating below them the other realities that structure our experience of both

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    Sometimes when a work is so new there s no way to process it My mind is a lazy organ, filled with sets designed years ago, peeling paint and rotting, but still in use as a roadmap to reality My reality, which isn t real, of course, just a fabrication, a shortcut really, to expedite my way W

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    I loved this short book It should not really work as well as it does, or at all, being a crazy hodgepodge of memoir, anecdotes, reflections, musings, random bits and bobs no shopping lists though, thank God not to mention the dreaded p word Poetry We all know that Real Men Do Not Read Poetry

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    Basically this whole thing went over my head I m an idiot but I could tell if I were smart with a brain that hasn t been fried by too much twitter I d think it were very good Lol when I was buying this book at Politics and Prose the cashier told me he was friends w Durbin Cool I m stupid

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    is in such a weird feedback loop with pop culture

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    Andrew Durbin s Mature Themes is like seeing a beautiful Baroque painted sunset as someone s phone background Really, that s the best metaphor I can possibly use to describe this collection of critical essays and poetry Durbin s stand out sections read Clueless against Baudelaire to describe th

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    WoooooThis book totally convinced me Andrew is for sure my favorite contemporary writer.Mature Themes is such a rich read, very genre bending and inventive in form.All modern poets should take notes, it shifts perfectly between the personal and universal,the analogy of mundane life hand in hand

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    Through juxtaposition and verbal collage of all those hollow elements of modern culture Durbin unearths the actual humanistic parts of our capitalist society that most of us have already given up on.

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    weird book

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