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Then Again, Maybe I Won't Ever since his dad got rich from an invention and his family moved to a wealthy neighborhood on Long Island, Tony Miglione s life has been tumed upside down For starters, there s his new friend Joel, who shoplifts Then there s Joel s sixteen year old sister, Lisa, who gets undressed every night without pulling down her shades And there s Grandma, who won t come down from her bedroom On top of all his other worries, there are all the questions Tony has about growing upWhy couldn t things have stayed the same

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    Us kids all needed SOMEBODY to give us the lowdown on periods and boners back in the 80s, and Judy Blume tended to be a bitreliable than that weird kid on the bus This one s kinda the boy version of Are You There God , demystifying for pre adolescent readers that unfamiliar new stain in their undy dundypants Can you imagine being Judy Blume s child You

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    I think I was about ten years old when I read this book one of a Judy Blume box set I suspect my mother has yet to recover from my ensuing questions Mommy, the book I m reading has a boy in it who keeps saying that it went up Why would he be embarrassed if his ZIPPER went up Was it written wrong After my mother s commendable and surprisingly unflappable

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    Yet another highly enjoyable Judy Blume book In this one, Tony s family become wealthy and move to a new neighborhood There s some good aspects to this of course, but Tony s mother is desperate to impress the neighbors, to earn their approval and acceptance This happens quite frequently, and, on a smaller scale, I have observed many people falling into t

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    Then Again, Maybe I Won t is actually one of the few Judy Blume novels from the 1970s that I did not read as a teenager in the early 1980s Yes, I did in fact remember signing Then Again, Maybe I Won t out of our school library, but then returned it mostly unread because at that time of my life from about 1980 to 1984 I was just not all that interested in

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    Ah yes, my introduction to hard ons and semen I had no idea what either of them were, and they re not really explained in the book, so I was in the dark for some time Why does this guy get to masturbate while Margaret simply waits to need a bra and get her period Unfair At least Deenie got to get off in the midst of having scholiosis, I suppose

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    The old smelling used 1973 paperback copy I read has this catchphrase written across the top of the front cover The funny, touching story of a boy with problems. Wow Who wouldn t want to read that When I was growing up, Judy Blume was regarded as a very edgy author for middle school level readers Schools and libraries banned some of her books, or kept them

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    I read this for a real world book club it took about two hours to breeze through Strangely, it was published in 1971 when I would have been twelve years old, just like the boy in the story, but I never heard of it then and was only vaguely aware of the author s name until now.It struck me as a strange book The prose was pretty juvenile, with short and uncomp

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    This was one of the few Judy Blume books I didn t read when I was younger I guess it always seemed like a boy s book to me but a friend was going on and on about reading it when she was younger and I felt like I was missing out so I got if from the library Wasn t there an After School Special about the book too I know I m dating myself but I think Leif Garret

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    Then again, maybe I shouldn t reread all the Judy Blume books from my youth.

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    I know I keep gushing about Judy Blume but once again she proves to be one of the best young adult novelists ever I loved that this story told from the POV of the male lead Tony is just a strong a reflection of the juinior high years as Are There God It s Me Margaret The story is a simple one a poor Italian kid s family becomes successful and moves from Jersey

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