Never Tell: A True Story of Overcoming a Terrifying

Never Tell: A True Story of Overcoming a Terrifying Childhood Catherine McCall s childhood seemed postcard perfect With well to do, cosmopolitan parents, a private education, and two baby grand pianos, she had everything a girl could ever want But as an adult, McCall began to remember terrible things, revealing that the idyllic childhood she had on paper was nothing than a facade hiding her father s terrible secrets Never Tell provides a lucid, gripping narrative on the survival and healing from childhood sexual assault

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    I was fortunate to receive a copy of this book through Good Reads in exchange for my honest review.Ms McCall s memoir unflinchingly looks back at her horrific childhood which was filled with sexual, emotional, and physical abuse The des

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    Given the childhood horrors that Catherine McCall endured behind a fa ade of middle class normalcy repeated rapes by her brilliant but bi polar father while her alcoholic mother stayed ineffectively on the sidelines, fragile and soddenly us

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    Catherine McCall has sent out a personal call to arms with her vivid, insightful and instructive memoir, NEVER TELL Memoirs typically focus on the story the author wants to tell McCall has told her story of horrific sexual abuse and dogged jour

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    Catherine McCall s courage to face a childhood of sexual abuse is parallel only to her courage to tell the story In a candid account of living with an incestuous father and dysfunctional family the reader watches as Catherine emerges from victim to

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    A now adult s memoir on her childhood where she was sexually abused by her Father Both of her parents were alcoholics This is how she overcame her childhood, and how the abuse had reflected well into her adult years, her own children one in which recei

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    A story well told.

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    This book is an amazing read, its the most amazing book i have ever read i could not put it down she is such a strong willed little girl its a tear jerker from start to finish

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    An amazing story.

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    Astoundingly goodThis book is horrific and no child should have to go through so much What a strong lady to come through so much A very honest book which details all her feelings through out her life

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    InterestingHarrowing account of mental illness, alcoholism, child abuse and coercion Sad , so sad that some children live with this kind of scrap in their lives This book is a testament of the help that can help you heal but it s a lifelong project.

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About the Author: Catherine McCall

Catherine McCall is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 30 years of clinical and community education experience She is a Clinical Fellow in the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, a member of the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health, and a member of the Speakers Bureau of the Rape and Incest National Network RAINN She is also a regular blogger for PSYCHOLOGY TODAY MAGAZINE, and a member of the Atlanta Writers Club She and her husband live in a suburb of Atlanta, have reared four daughters and now enjoy eight grandchildren.As an author, Catherine s intentions have been to raise awareness about issues relevant to child abuse prevention and healing, the effects of PTSD on marriage family life, and current cultural issues related to child development Her memoir, NEVER TELL THE TRUE STORY OF OVERCOMING A TERRIFYING CHILDHOOD, is about her own experience as an incest survivor and patient in therapy during a period of her life when,while she and her husband were rearing their children, she was struggling with PTSD In 2010 it enjoyed four weeks on the LONDON SUNDAY TIMES bestseller list In April, 2014, it was re released, in the US, in ebook and in May, 2014, in POD through.

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