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Bellas Gift EPUB Bellas Gift Author Rick Santorum Oknalubliniec.eu Rick And Karen Santorum S Inspiring Story Of Life With Bella, Their Special Needs Youngest ChildFour Days After Rick And Karen Santorum Welcomed Their Eighth Baby Into The World They Were Given The Devastating News That Their Little Girl, Bella, Was Going To Die The Full Story Of Life With Bella Has Never Been Told Until Now This Inspiring Family Memoir Explores What It Means To Embrace And Celebrate The Life Of Each Person, And Find Hope, Even In The Midst Of Painful Challenges Bella S Gift Is The Story Of How The Entire Family Came Together To Love And Care For Bella And How God Strengthened Them During The Storms And Blessed Their Family With Grace, Peace, And Joy.Searchingly Honest, Faith Filled, And Surprisingly Joyful, Bella S Gift Is A Loving, Lived Out Testimony To The Truth That Everyone Counts, Even The Least Of These.

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    I remember the first time I heard of the Santorum family, I was watching C SPAN during the Faith and Family Coalition in Iowa as the GOP hopefuls shared their views on everything form foreign policy to tax reform, and social issues Mr Santorum shared

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    Writing wise, could have used a bitediting down, but it was encouraging to read about a child with t18 who has lived well beyond the odds.

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    As a lifelong Pennsylvania resident, Rick Santorum s name is familiar to me I remember his first win for the House he stood out to me as a great candidate for families with his Pro Life stance obvious moral compass After reading Bella s Gift , I see my initial opinion o

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    Story of this nearby Northern Virginia family with 8 children, one whom they lost when born too early and one who was born with an extra 18th chromosome called Trisomy 18 This book, especially Karen s sections, spoke to me as a mother, referencing all of the hard work, wear and t

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    What if the death sentence of Trisomy 18 was not in the condition, but in the diagnosis In this modern age of medicine, who gets to decide what conditions and people are compatible with life What do those with disabilities, who will never be able to do anything for anyone, have to teach us

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    What I learned after pushing through 200 pages about Trisomy 18 was marginal Hence my disappointment What the reader learns about Bella can barely fill one chapter The remainder of the story is repetitive political script and redundant scriptures These parents capitalize on their child s genetics ye

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    Review of Bella s Gift by Rick and Karen Santorum From May 13, 2008, the Santorum family welcomed their eighth child into the world Isabella Maria was born with a rare genetic condition called Trisomy 18, or Edward s Syndrome Only 10 percent of children with Trisomy 18 are born alive, and 90 percent of those

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    At its best, Bella s Gift is a remarkable story of how much work can go into the care of a disabled child Rick and Karen Santorum, who mostly alternate writing the chapters, are very open and direct in relating the struggles that they ve gone through in caring for two children with disabilities They ve seen both ends o

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    The authors weave a beautiful tale of love, humor, loss, and redemption Strong in faith, the couple recounts many of the lessons they ve learned as a result of parenting a child with special needs.

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    This should be a required read for any young couple, preferably before they get married, but certainly before they begin to raise a family While the book focuses on the parenting of a special needs child, the lessons taught are applicable to parenting any child.One of the greatest lessons of this book is the need to focus on the joys of l

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