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Dragonfrigate Wizard Halcyon Blithe Halcyon Blithe, being a young man of good breeding and lineage as well as endowed with the qualities and abilities recognized as great potential, is ready to seek his fortune among those who tend and sail the awesome nautical juggernauts the dragonships which harness the bodies and strength of living dragons with seafaring technology as he accepts his rank as Dragonfrigate Wizard Halcyon BlitheIn the latest chapter of the young wizard s nautical education he finds himself second in command of a captured enemy vessel that must engage a demonship in combat When he returns to port, Blythe is assigned duty on a dwarven dragonship It is on this very ship that he and his shipmates encounter deceitful politics before they can regain the security of their Arcanian dragonship and trusted crewmates Combining elements of Hornblower with Harry Potter, and Robert Louis Stevenson with Robin Hobb, Dragonfrigate Wizard Halcyon Blithe is a nautical tale rich in magic and intrigue set against a panorama of fantastic naval battles

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    The series continues There s a bit of power creep in this book, but still enjoyable Excellent take by Drawmij.

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    This book is rather awkward There isof an attempt at a plot, but somehow everything just falls flat It simply isn t a series for me.

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    To bad there are noin the series this was pretty good but now I am left hanging

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    This was a worthy sequel to the previous volume It showed its Horatio Hornblower influences on its sleeve, but that is not a bad thing The editing in the book was quite bad, especially for a professionally produced book I expected better from Tor There was also one or two places where the author misused nautical terms All in all, I enjoyed this book.

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    The second in a series, this book continues the adventures of the title character, a mage and naval officer in an island military aboard a dragonfrigate a ship built on top of and powered by a sea dragon.This book was a 2 clearance pick, and honestly, I wouldn t spend muchthan that on it The character development, where present at all, was weak, and I didn t find any of the characters particularly lika

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    I liked the first one for its originality, and I wanted to see how the story progressed.Sadly I was sorely disappointed This book comes across like a not particularly good fan fiction, even to the point of the odd error indicating that it lacks a proper beta reader.The plot felt as if it were being thrown together in an effort to include as much new stuff as possible and didn t actually seem to be going any

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    A bit better than the last one if memory serves Certainly a lotaction in this one Editing on it is a bit weird There s a few descriptions, whole paragraphs, that make a second appearance later in the bookstrangeIt was like dejavufreaking me out a bit Ah well I liked it Magic, pirates, navy, warfare, dragons, tentacles, trolls, dwarves, elves, mysterious maidens, all the stuff that tempers a great hero like Halcy

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    Halcyon Blithe is the fantasy equal to Horatio Hornblower, to Ramage and Bolitho.A good deal of fun in a nicely constructed world We need to seeof these by Ward and to learnabout the war that is taking place Our hero grows with each book and adventure The seventh son of a seventh son, a great and quick read.

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    A good solid sequel Proceeding similarly to Hornblower More magic in this one, but I consider it a good thing Also, the Dwarven culture in this one is pretty cool.I d love to see a gaming world for Ward s universe since he s a game designer I wonder if already has one

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    Well, I read the first one, so I read this one Don t believe the cover quote that says it s as good as Harry Potter far from it It has enjoyable moments, but overall was a mediocre read Not my taste, though one or two supporting characters definitely intrigue me.

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