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Dragons of Summer Tide Dragons of Summer TideOver a thousand times the tides of summer had passed a thousand years since dragons had been known in the Kingdom of Hwandor Elves and dwarves also had both passed into legend And very few believed that any of the ancient tales were true or even could be true There had assuredly never been dragons in the skies, or elves in the mountain forests and dwarves in their deep halls under The Elder Mountains The Dragon Mountains There were those from time to time who claimed to have caught a glimpse of a dragon but everyone knew that was as ridiculous as believing in real magesThen a young man from the folk who live on the edge of the Kingdom in the hills at the feet of the ancient mountain finds that legends are coming to life In a day he sees his first dragon, finds his home and family destroyed, sets out on a journey and is attacked by a dragon Then he is bonded by another dragon and he finds that wondrous gifts are bestowed on himIn his journey he befriends other orphans and he is being followed by orphaned baby dragons and they begin to bond his new friends to save their lives Each dragon bestows a special skill, magic, tracking, warrior, leader and Soon each orphan has a special skill As their journey continues, their opponents mount and the odds of success seem to dwindle And then new allies step out of legend Show less

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    I really enjoyed this story, I have a thing for dragons There s no sign of book 2 which is a shame as I d like to know what happens next with the gang does the last dragon find its partner and does the king keep his crown

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    EditingEditingthis is a good story I agree with some of the reviews that state some editing is needed it is not so bad though I got frustrated with the author I am hoping the second book comes out soon.

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    Good storyline but really disappointed with author as he leave the books unfinished

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    Excellent story teller The writer is an excellent story teller You were constantly waiting to see what would happen next I like the portrayal of the different types of races of elves, dwarves and mythical creatures which were the way I remembered them presented to me as a child The story was simple but with an intriguing complexity of characters wi

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    Really fun story It s hard to find modern fantasy that has a fresh take on old tropes, but this one manages to include some unique ideas into the blend of time tested plots I really enjoyed how original the dragons were and both the unusual way that they bonded with a person as well as the way that bond effected them The larger story, beyond just th

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    A good book but.this book was slow going at first but soon developed into a really great story, until it ended right at a really critical part I realize that the author intends on this being a series to sellbooks but he could ve at least let us know what happened to the king and the last unbonded I like to think this works itself out in the first cha

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    Nice start, horrible ending This was a good start to a new series, my only issue was with the ending.A side note I am not sure who the main male protagonist is The female lead is easy to see, although her affections definitely jump around a lot.With how this one ended I am not sure I will buy the next one Cliffhanger endings are a cheap way to end a b

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    It draws you into story and keeps an excellent pace of adventure.This is a fun enjoyable read if you love fantasy I like the development of the characters and can t wait to readI ve read many books about dragons and their relationship with humans and like original ideas being put forth.

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    Great story.Great story Some proofreading needed, was spell checked but not proofread Some words are not as they should be,ex market still, and too instead of to among many others It detracts slightly from the quality of the excellent writing a well crafted story Definitely going to read the sequel.

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    Great readThis book was one of the best I ve read The story line and the characters kept me hooked and I can t wait for the next book The only downside was I think I got an unedited copy so a lot of spelling errors but it didn t matter the way the author developed the characters was great

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