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The Horrid Mysteries Horrid Novels Northanger Abbey,Horrid Novels Northanger Abbey, When I read the brief synopsis of this book, I expected to be fascinated, to have the same great impression as the one I had when I read The Ghost Seer by Schiller But I was disappointed I found the book boring. This is a weird one It begins with and undeath and ends with a murder and nothing much happens in between I am not even sure what happened at the end was Lewis just in love with whoever Carlos was Was the servant trying to kill him the whole time What was Lewis reading at the end Nothing happened for so long and then just done, the end. This took me forever to read and it was simply terrible Basically, some guy whores his way through Europe and is pursued by a secret society that may or may not be bad Everyone falls in love with him and he falls in love with everyone I wasn t even clear what was happening half the time I ve read most of the Northanger Abbey horrid novels and this was easily the most horrid. A wonderfully terrible book What a dump. The hero of the tale, the Marquis of Grosse, finds himself embroiled in a secret revolutionary society which advocates murder and mayhem in pursuit of an early form of communism He creates a rival society to combat them and finds himself hopelessly trapped between the two antagonistic forces The book has been both praised and lambasted for its lurid portrayal of sex, violence and barbarism H P Lovecraft, in his lengthy essay Supernatural Horror in Literature, dismissed it and others like it as the dreary plethora of trash like Marquis von Grosse s Horrid Mysteries

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