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A Wild Swan and other tales PDF Epub A Wild Swan And Other Tales Author Michael Cunningham Capitalsoftworks.co.uk A Poisoned Apple And A Monkey S Paw With The Power To Change Fate A Girl Whose Extraordinarily Long Hair Causes Catastrophe A Man With One Human Arm And One Swan S Wing And A House Deep In The Forest, Constructed Of Gumdrops And Gingerbread, Vanilla Frosting And Boiled Sugar In A Wild Swan And Other Tales, The People And The Talismans Of Lands Far, Far Away The Mythic Figures Of Our Childhoods And The Source Of So Much Of Our Wonder Are Transformed By Michael Cunningham Into Stories Of Sublime Revelation Here Are The Moments That Our Fairy Tales Forgot Or Deliberately Concealed The Years After A Spell Is Broken, The Rapturous Instant Of A Miracle Unexpectedly Realized, Or The Fate Of A Prince Only Half Cured Of A Curse The Beast Stands Ahead Of You In Line At The Convenience Store, Buying Smokes And A Slim Jim, His Devouring Smile Aimed At The Cashier A Malformed Little Man With A Knack For Minor Acts Of Wizardry Goes To Disastrous Lengths To Procure A Child A Loutish And Lazy Jack Prefers Living In His Mother S Basement To Getting A Job, Until The Day He Trades A Cow For A Handful Of Magic Beans Reimagined By One Of The Most Gifted Storytellers Of His Generation, Our Bedtime Stories Been This Dark, This Perverse, Or This True.Program Contains Music Composed Specifically For The Audiobook By Billy Hough And His Bandmates In GarageDogs Billy Hough Says The Original Piece A Wild Swan Was Written As A Gift To Michael, Due To My Incredibly Strong Reaction To Hearing These Beautiful Stories For The First Time I Enlisted The Brilliant Lili Taylor To Alternate The Stories With Me, And Wrote A Series Of Short Pieces Of Music, For Their Eventual Inclusion On This Album I Wanted To Use The Music To Illustrate The Tension Between The Ancient And The Modern, Much In The Same Way Michael Has Done In The Stories Themselves. Michael Cunningham is the author of The Hours, a book inspired by Virginia Woolf s Mrs Dalloway which won him the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, and was later adapted into a successful movie I have never read the book nor seen the film, though I really enjoyed the musical score by Philip Glass, which might be his finest work for film you can listen to it here I don t think you will be disappointed A Wild Swan is his first collection of short stories, and one which I approached with certain interest and curiosity it is a collection of fairy tales told anew A surprising subject for someone who has been writing mostly realistic fiction, I was very interested me how the author would approach hi subject and in the end can t help but be disappointedThis is a slim collection less than 150 pages long and yet includes 11 stories, complete with black and white illustrations by Yuko Shimuzu Cunningham takes classic stories such as Snow White, Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast and Jack and the Bean Stalk, and tells them again in his own way in a different setting, or from another perspective Fairytale retellings are nothing new, but they are something entirely new for this particular author and it shows Aside for two exceptions, I found none of these new stories to be either particularly impressive or memorable they read like exercises in writing, a way for the autho Most avid readers have a few authors they feel zealous aboutgreedy, fanatical, devoted, perhaps in a nutty way , and they aren t your husband,wife, or child What s going on with these voracious bookworms I suspect these type of bookworms are not Hollywood star struck in any shape or form..but talk about one of their favorite authors that can do no wrongthose authors where they can no longer review without bias not completely and it s like witnessing a gushy book fan in heat SoI ll say up front, Michael Cunningham, born the same year as me, shares the same birthdate with my younger daughter, Ali,.lights my fire A Wild Swan , won t be for everyone There is a great chance that fans of Michael Cunningham s novels, will be disappointed not to have another Cunningham novel masterpiece to read.This small collection of altered fairy tales for adults was written with the same gorgeous prose as his novels I looked to see if these short stories had thepsychological punch mind twisting swimming type thinking from the layers of depth he writes as his books The answer yes Emotions felt Elevated thinking.Were you a fan of Rumpelstilskin as a child Rapunzel Jack and the Beanstock If yes..Michael Cunningham s gives us a fresh look at these old Not the usual type of book I read but am willing to try anything written by this author To my surprise I enjoyed it very much Taking many of our beloved fairytale and giving them a very inventive modern twist was pure entertainment Many were extremely amusing, so very clever But while Cunningham s wit and originalit Fairy tale retellings are one of my things, so I had to pick this up when I came across it on the library shelf I haven t read anything else by this Pulitzer Prize winning author, so I can t compare this to his other writings.The stories collected here are very consistent in feel throughout Each takes a fairy tale or other well known tale , and injects it with a dash of the modern day without wholly removing its classic elements , and twists the story a bit in order to accentuate the ironic, and perhaps make a bitter comment on humanity There aren t a lot of happy endings to be found here.Dis Enchant.This very brief piece on the theme of ordinary people being resentful and jealous of the extraordinary sets the tone of the book very well If you like this piece, I d recommend continuing If you don t the book might not be for you.A Wild SwanBased on The Wild Swans happens as it did in the Andersen tale the brothers transformed, the sister who works to rescue them from the curse But the author focuses on what happened to the one brother who was left with a swan s wing transposing him in his trauma from the fantasy castle to a contemporary setting of bars full of alcoholic, depressed victims of curses.Crazy Old LadyBased on Hansel and GretelThe woman who focused on sex and good times while all her friends were getting married and settling down always dreamed of being a Mrs Robinson style cougar in her later years To her dismay, as she ages, she realized the boys just

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