Prehistoric Passion from Mars Kindle ¿ Prehistoric

Prehistoric Passion from Mars Wilma is not like the other students at her college In addition to being a serious UFO hunter, she has an uncontrollable lust for scaly beasts When finding acceptance on earth proves futile, she takes solace aboard a Martian spacecraft It is there among a crew of open minded and horny alien scientists that she finally feels at home Also, she has sex with a dinosaur Warning This is a twisted tale of beast love Graphic sexual situations are described in detail The f word is liberally used, as well as both c words referring to parts of male and female anatomy If you have highbrow sensibilities or are easily offended, steer clear of this electronic book It is not recommended that you read it in church, or on public transportation when a stranger might be reading over your shoulder Use discretion This story is not suitable for individuals under the age ofThis is aword short story Feel free to judge this book by its cover

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