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All Grown Up What do you have to do to be one of the guys Loren has been chasing after the two older boys he grew up with for six years, hoping to be part of their close knit bond Being so much younger, and kind of a lanky nerd, he never felt like one of the guys After three years of working out his body, and transforming into a gorgeous, lean piece of hotness, his hour has finally come as Matt and Casey come home for the summer for a break from College And when Loren gets caught scratching an old itch, with Casey s jock strap on his face, he ll get closer to the two men than he ever would have guessed It s a touching, sexy, raunchy look at growing up and being one of the guys. So, this was a book.A book that I read. Although incest and this isn t really incest since none of the boys are blood related doesn t bother me and can be really hot to read, this had a few parts that were a little creepy for me. First off I marked this book as m nage because of the cover, but there isn t actually a threesome happening in this book, I have a feeling in future books the 3 will grow closer together but for now it s erotic with a twosome and a spectator I also received this book free for an honest review This was a really hot story Loren is kind of a geeky and scrawny kid growing up but he idolizes his older, gorgeous and buff stepbrothers Casey Matt He will do almost anything to gain their attention and affection, but for the longest time that just doesn t happen Finally after working his butt off for 3 years working out, he transforms himself to be what he hopes will earn him the recognition he has long awaited for Casey Matt each come home at separate times so the smexy times begin This book is comical and very sexy I look forward to the cabin experience.

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