Writing into the Dark: How to Write a Novel without an

Writing into the Dark: How to Write a Novel without an Outline With than a hundred published novels and than seventeen million copies of his books in print, USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith knows how to outline And he knows how to write a novel without an outline In this WMG Writer s Guide, Dean takes you step by step through the process of writing without an outline and explains why not having an outline boosts your creative voice and keeps you interested in your writing Want to enjoy your writing and entertain yourself Then toss away your outline and Write into the Dark

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    I m a firm believer that what works is what works when it comes to writing There is no right way, there are simply tools, and some tools work better for some than for others The podcast writing excuses and Brandon Sanderson s lectures are what drilled this belief into me, most likely So while I have nothing aga

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    This is a short manual for beginning writers, written by a pulp fiction writer and former poker game professional The least I can say is that it goes against what many other writing manuals profess as an ultimate truth, namely that fiction writing must be planned in advance, that outlining the plot is essential and

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    I ve actually read this short book on the art of writing a novel without relying on outlines or other machinations three times now That, as much as anything, tells me it s a book I value and that the advice inside unlike that of so many fiction guides is bothvaluable and warrants returning to now and again.One advantag

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    Hey, this is how I writeIt s actually nice to get affirmation that you re doing it right What I ve always called Looping, Dean calls Cycling, but they re both basically the same process I ve tried multiple times to outline large complicated novels only to find I can t complete them Same goes for short stories The moment I

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    I think this is a terrible book I don t like judging books as goods , but 5 for a book that I read in like 2 hours is frankly outrageous I kept reading it hoping to find the Ha That s the catch moment and when I got to 80% on my Kindle the book finished and the rest 20% is basically advertising for another book of the author.A

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    A few good ideas, nothing bad It s reallylike a few long blog posts than a book though The biggest problem with this book, as with a lot of Smith s otherwise excellent writing advice, is that he uses nonstandard terminology You have to read carefully to understand what he s really saying For example, he recommends no rewriting and

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    Maybe one of the reasons I liked this book so much is that it confirmed the writing style I gravitate towards naturally, especially the discussion of cycling as a way to edit while you go and build up momentum.

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    If you re a newbie writer, be careful with this one The author gives a lot of advice on his process, but he delivers it as though it s a must, despite saying there s no wrong way He had some interesting things to say about discovery seat of the pants writing, though what I don t like is that he tells you to revise as you go, but that s ju

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    I only picked this up because Dean Wesley Smith s wife, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, is one of the smartest cookies around I ve found her advice to aspiring writers to be thoughtful and well reasoned I m afraid Writing into the Dark did nothing for me, and at 5.99, it felt like a ripoff, for what is essentially a long blog post plus a pitch to pur

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    This is a great book for us pantsers It s okay to not outline, to edit as you write, and write out of sequence I smiled as I read this book and it validated my process There s a method to the madness.

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