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Missing Person as wonderful as almost all books of the Adams family.Love Cassie as well who is so attached to young Freddy Brown that she seems to know she wants a future with him and they are such a fun couple as almost all the cockneys in these books and matriarch Chinese Lady is a jewel in her own way xo Mr Finch had never told the rest of his family the secrets of his past, or what kind of work he did for the government, and he decided not to tell them about the slightly sinister telephone calls he started receiving either It was when he took his wife on a summer s day jaunt that things began to happen For when his wife went to the cloakroom and came back out, Mr Finch had vanished Mystery set in the Walworth area of London.Liz A good read and continuation of the Adams Family story.

About the Author: Mary Jane Staples

Mary Jane Staples is a pseudonym used by British author Reginald Thomas Staples 1911 2005 He is also published under the name Robert Tyler Stevens, R.T Stevens, and James Sinclair.

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