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London's Glory In every detective s life there are cases that can t be discussed, and throughout the Bryant May novels there have been mentions of some of these such as the Deptford Demon or the Little Italy Whelk Smuggling ScandalNow Arthur Bryant has decided to open the files on eleven of these previously unseen investigations that required the collective genius and unique modus operandi of Arthur Bryant and John May and the Peculiar Crimes Unit investigations that range from different times London during the Great Smog and a variety of places a circus freak show, on board a London Tour Bus and even a yacht off the coast of TurkeyAnd in addition to these eleven classic cases, readers are also given a privileged look inside the Peculiar Crimes Unit literally, with a cut away drawing of their offices , a guide to the characters of the Peculiar Crimes Unit, and access to the contents of Arthur Bryant s highly individual library

About the Author: Christopher Fowler

Librarian note There isthan one author in the GoodReads database with this nameChristopher Fowler is an English novelist living in London, his books contain elements of black comedy, anxiety and social satire As well as novels, he writes short stories, scripts, press articles and reviews.He lives in King s Cross, on the Battlebridge Basin, and chooses London as the backdrop of many of his stories because any one of the events in its two thousand year history can provide inspirationIn 1998 he was the recipient of the BFS Best Short Story Of The Year, for Wageslaves Then, in 2004, The Water Room was nominated for the CWA People s Choice Award, Full Dark House won the BFS August Derleth Novel of The Year Award 2004 and American Waitress won the BFS Best Short Story Of The Year 2004 The novella Breathe won BFS Best Novella 2005.http www.peculiarcrimesunit.com

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    Unusually I listened to this collection of short stories featuring Bryant and May on audio This format worked well for me as I found myself absorbed and entertained with their diverse outings It begins with Fowler regaling us with his critical overview of the state of crime fiction, where much is seen as wanting I found myself horrified by a freak show circus with the macabre behaviour of a Russian dwarf and John May s obsession with the colourful clothes of the 1960s, wh

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    A book of short cases featuring my favorite pair of unorthodox detectives and their Peculiar crime unit As shorts one doesn t get the full flavor of their personalities and peccadilloes, but for long time fans like myself, this was a treat What made this an even better read was the author s comments before each story on how and why the story came into being, as well as his introduction where he mentions so many mystery writers he admires and those he don t Also he explains what

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    Ever since I lived just outside London and spent nearly 2 years exploring and adventuring with friends far and wide across the city I have always had a love for stories based across the city The works of Christopher Fowler for me cover such a huge spectrum of work from horror to fantasy and even auto biography He has such a way with words involving such images powerful and vivid and yet does not have to stoop to cheap tricks and long words.Now couple these two together and you have the

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    I thoroughly enjoy this series of the peculiar crimes unit led by two octogenarians In general, I prefer the full length novels, however, this was a real treat I especially appreciated the introductions to each of the characters and the background of the stories.

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    I had only read a short Bryant May story before I read this collection and one of the reasons I wanted to read this collection was because I thought this would give me some insight into the life and work of Bryant and May if I in the future read any of the books Which I probably will This collection consists of eleven previously unseen investigations and it is everything from murder in a locked room, a suspicious case of poisoning on a boat and a killer on a Tourist bus in London Some cases I had on

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    What a fun read I ve had my eye on this particular series for awhile, but never got around to actually take a look.Arthur Bryant and John May are London s most well known detectives The author has put together 10 mystery short stories for our reading enjoyment.While the stories were good, the best part, to me, was the author s ramblings before, between, and after the stories It s really insightful as he shares where his ideas came from I particularly like the characters These are not the yo What a fun read

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    Well, that was an interesting review copy And by interesting I mean that I wish I wouldn t have to go to work and instead read the first 11 books in the Bryant May series before breakfast If you re a fan, you ll love this If you re not, then you will be it s as simple as that Well, that was an interesting review copy And by interesting I mean that I wish I wouldn t have to go to work and instead read the first 11 books in the Bryant May series before breakfast If you re a fan, you ll love this If you re not, then

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    First Sentence from About the Book Do you remember that corpse we found in the snow with nobody else s footprints around it asked Arthur Bryant Eleven delightful stories from the case files of London s Peculiar Crimes Unit have been gathered together into an absolutely delightful, intriguing collection of clever mysteries This is one time when the introduction is as interesting as are the stories Fowler writes about the history of crime novels, as well as the differences between fiction First Sentence from About the Boo

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    It s odd being so familiar with characters and styled when confronted with something which is considerably different.It s not a fault, but the structure of these short stories is understandably different to the full novels, it has to be that way in order to deliver a tale in fewer words.But, I don t like fewer words, not with Bryant May I like lots of words, lots of background, lots of wild goose chases, lots of madness I like the flow of the full novels, the support from all the other cha It s odd being so familiar with chara

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    I really enjoyed these eleven short stories, mostly set in London, of course, about the two detectives at the Peculiar Crimes Unit at different points in their career However, I gave the book a four star rating because the stories necessarily lack the complexity of the Bryant and May novels There s one story exclusively from Janice Longbright s viewpoint, true, but there s a paucity of the other characters in the PCU, not to mention Bryant s crew of eccentric informers and experts More signif I really enjoyed these eleven short stori

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