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The Barons Quest (Barons of the Cinque Ports, #1) Ebook The Barons Quest Barons Of The Cinque Ports, 1 Author Elizabeth Rose Undercostruction.eu Nicholas Vaughn Is Lord Of New Romney And Also A Baron Of The Cinque Ports He Directs A Fleet Of Ships That Service The King 15 Days A Year In Exchange For Special Privileges When Muriel Draper Causes Havoc On His Wharf, He Realizes She Is A Spinster A Woman Who Spins Wool For A Living From The Town Her Late Father Has Angered The Clothmaker S Guild And Now Muriel And Her Brother Have Been Excommunicated From The Guild And Also Left With A Debt To The Baron That He Insists Muriel Repays She Can Either Give The Baron Her Deceased Mother S Wedding Ring The Only Memory Of Her Parents She Has Left Or She Can Live With Him At His Manor House And Be His Personal Clothier To Pay Back The Debt Can A Merchant S Daughter And A Baron Of The Cinque Ports Find A Safe Harbor With The Passion For Each Other That Burns Between Them, Or Will Title And Status Sink That Ship Before It S Even Sailed Watch For The Baron S Bounty Book 2, And The Baron S Destiny Book 3 Coming Soon

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    DNF 48%. I have no idea what this author was thinking but she made it almost impossible to like Nicholas or Muriel They both had the attitude that they were better than everyone else, he even had her sleep on the floor at the foot of his bed Yeah, that s real romantic She has nothing on an

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    Well I gave it 3 stars because I found the unusual background interesting The Cinque ports in the 12th century was a period I was not at all familiar without However the to stupid to live heroine left me cold from the beginning The hero was a bit of a dud also In the end he only married her be

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    Story took place in England 1285 Nicholas, a powerful baron met 18 YO Muriel spinster spun cloth and weaver Her brother Isaac, 5 years her junior, also was a trained weaver The Guild terminated Muriel s cloth merchant father, as a member dad died mysteriously He died in debt to the hero, arrears i

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    3.5 StarsTook me a long time to warm up to the hero and heroine, but this did have a great ending

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    See, the thing is that I respect the author She put in the work that many people wouldn t and managed to actually finish her vision Now time for some constructive feedback.The problem with the work is that it s just not got anything redeeming Isaac is briefly likeable, but the main characters are all desp

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    First in a Series.Nicholas Vaughn, Lord of New Romney and Baron of the Cinque Ports is convinced that he and the King are being cheated out of taxes but he cannot work out who the perpetrators are The last thing he needs is to develop a fascination for a merchant s daughter who is behind on paying rent on the

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    This book gives a great inside of life in 13th century England The description of life on the docks was so vivid I could almost smell the stale ale and the rotten fish I also enjoyed learning the way guilds worked But the best part was the detailed description of spinning and weaving The story itself was very pre

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    Started out fine and interesting, but then around chapter 7 things plummeted and I quickly lost interest Poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation weren t the worst of it, either The author set two 21st Century people down in 12th Century England, saying, doing, an...

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    Really good storyThe Baron s Quest book 1 by Elizabeth Rose is a really good story I enjoyed reading this delightful story I liked the characters It was interesting to read how clothing was made back then Read it is worth your time Thanks

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    Nicholas and Muriel s StoryWell written as usual, with those tidbits that give a sense of the time it was based on and the society the characters would have lived in Look forward to reading about the downfall of the rest of the barons

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