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Reformed Dogmatics: Christology Like Books, People Can Become Classics Great In Their Day, But Richer And Fulfilling With Time Not Yet A Classic, Vos S Never Before Published Reformed Dogmatics Is Like A Lost Shakespeare Play Recently Discovered Michael HortonUntil Recently, Reformed Dogmatics Was Only Available In Its Original Dutch But Now You Too Can Access Geerhardus Vos Monumental Work Of Systematic Theology This Brand New English Translation Was Edited By Biblical Theologian And Vos Expert, Richard B Gaffin, JrIn Volume Three, Christology, Vos Discusses The Person Of ChristChrist S Two NaturesThe IncarnationThe Work Of ChristChrist S Death And ResurrectionThe Nature Of Christ SacrificeChrist S OfficesAnd Typical Voss erudite, theologically sound, and, occasionally, slightly pedantic A helpful but technical volume. I agree with the plodding assessment Good info, good scholasticism, good theological basisbut continuous consumption wasdifficult than a lot of similar works in intensive theology and dogmatics Not the type of read you d hand to a layperson and expect them to make it through without a lot of assistance and encouragement. Sorry Dr Tipton, Bavinck is way better. Par for the course It s Vos Whatis there to be said Excellent, insightful, cogent, concise. some questions were answered without sufficient defense that was the only negative the majority was terrific. Slowest of the three so far, with some pretty clunky plodding However some parts were pure gold Still a good dogmatic source.

About the Author: Geerhardus Vos

Geerhardus Johannes Vos was an American Calvinist theologian and one of the most distinguished representatives of the Princeton Theology He is sometimes called the father of Reformed Biblical Theology.Vos was born to a Dutch Reformed pastor in Heerenveen in Friesland in the Netherlands In 1881, when Geerhardus was 19 years old, his father accepted a call to be the pastor of the Christian Reformed Church congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan.Geerhardus Vos began his education at the Christian Reformed Church s Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, before moving to Princeton Theological Seminary He completed his studies in Germany, receiving his doctorate in Arabic Studies from the Philosophy Faculty of Strassburg University in 1888.Herman Bavinck and Abraham Kuyper tried to convince Vos to become professor of Old Testament Theology at the Free University in Amsterdam, but Vos chose to return to America Thus, in the Fall of 1888, Vos took up a position on the Calvin Theological Seminary faculty In 1892, Vos moved and joined the faculty of the Princeton Theological Seminary, where he became its first Professor of Biblical Theology.In 1894 he was ordained as a minister in the Presbyterian Church in the USA.At Princeton, he taught alongside J Gresham Machen and Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield and authored his most famous works, including Pauline Eschatology 1930 and Biblical Theology Old and New Testaments 1948 Despite his opposition to the growing modernist influence at Princeton in the late 1920s, he decided to remain at Princeton Seminary after the formation of Westminster Theological Seminary by Machen, as he was close to retirement Vos did indeed retire to California in 1932, three years after the formation of Westminster.Vos s wife, Catherine, authored the well known Child s Story Bible She died in 1937, after 43 years of marriage They had three sons and one daughter, and their son J G Vos studied at Princeton Theological Seminary and also became a minister.

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