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Naughty Nurse for a Night (A Hotwife Tale) Newlyweds Nick and Bethany are playing with fireBethany is shocked when Nick shows her the costumes he s selected for them for the Halloween party He s wearing comfy scrubs and she s squeezed tight into a sexy nurse s uniform that leaves nothing to the imagination Nick wants to show her off to his buddies, who tease him about being a married man who no longer has a sex life Bethany might be a little angry about being put on display to boost her husband s ego, but she has to admit that her body looks really good in the costumeShe decides to play along, but she isn t ready for Josh, one of Nick s friends who s smokin hot and has his eye on her all night When Josh puts the moves on her right in front of her husband, will Bethany go too far playing naughty nurse for a night This , word standalone story is intended for readersdue to mature themes and explicit content

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About the Author: Cora West

Cora West lives in the desert southwest where she half heartedly fights an addiction to sweet iced coffee She s been reading short erotic fiction for all of her adult life, and when she realized she was making up her own stories in her head, she decided to start writing them down.

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