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A short story featuring characters from the Tales from Foster High series Provided by John Goode as an extra gift by pledging to the Kickstarterfor his new novel When I grow up Regret

About the Author: John Goode

John Goode is a member of the class of 88 from Hogwarts school of wizardry, specializing in incantations and spoken spells At the age of 14 he proudly represented District 13 in the 65th Panem games where he was disqualified for crying uncontrollably before the competition began After that he moved to Forks, Washington where, against all odds, dated the hot, incredibly approachable werewolf instead of the stuck up jerk of a vampire but was crushed when he found out the werewolf was actually gayer than he was After that he turned down the mandatory operation everyone must receive at 16 to become pretty citing that everyone pretty were just too stupid to live before moving away for greener pastures After falling down an oddly large rabbit hole he became huge when his love for cakes combined with his inability to resist what sparsely worded notes commanded and was finally kicked out when he began playing solitaire with the Red Queen s 4th ard division By 18 he had found the land in the back of his wardrobe but decided that thinly veiled religious allegories where not the neighbors he desired When last seen he had become obsessed with growing a pair of wings after becoming obsessed with Fang s blog and hasn t been seen since.Or he is this guy who lives in this place and writes stuff he hopes you read.

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    Really touching story We all regret things we ve done in our lives Hopefully not to the level we can t make mends But Jeremy did and he had to learn to live with the following results the rest of his lifeDo you think Kelly hates me I think where Kelly is, there is no such thing as hate Stop hiding from him, Jeremy, stop beating yo

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    I ve always wondered what ended up happening to Jeremy And with this short from John s kickstarter I got the chance to find out Thank you, John

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    Another short glimpse into the lives of the people of foster I highly enjoyed is one

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