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The Truth Beyond the Sky Twelve Years After His Mother S Disappearance, Zahn Makes His Annual Hike Up To Zikhara Peak To Sleep Above The Clouds Only To Be Awoken By A Monstrous Roar.He Watches As An Extraordinary Object Thunders Down From The Sky And Impacts Onto The Silvery Beach Below, Changing The Course Of His Young Life Forever What He Recovers Is Than A Mere Meteorite, And Zahn Is Swept Up Into An Adventure To The Galactic Core, Encountering A Stunning Pilot, 5th Density Creatures Of Light, And An Ancient Chthonic Evil, Bent On Consuming Every Star In The Galaxy By Tearing The Fabric Of Spacetime Itself Only The Tulari, A Stone That Can Heal These Fissures, Offers Any Hope Unfortunately, It S Been Missing For Aeons

About the Author: Andrew M. Crusoe

Author Traveller Net diver.As a citizen of Earth, Andrew is interested in growth tearing down the illusion of separation To this end, he writes fast paced Sci Fi adventures based on the principles of Truth, Love, and Power.His debut novel, THE TRUTH BEYOND THE SKY, is the first book in the Epic of Aravinda, an award nominated science fiction adventure series that draws inspiration from around the globe, including eastern mythology, sacred geometry, and the Ra Material Since its release, the novel has received glowing write ups around the web, been professionally produced as an Audible.com audiobook, and featured on Utah Public Radio for predicting gravity waves years before they were officially proven in 2016.And thanks to reader support, the series continues with THE ISLAND ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER, inspired by Andrew s adventures on the strange trails of Hawaii, followed by the out of body adventure THE MIRAGE ON THE BRINK OF OBLIVION, available now.Wherever Andrew is in time and space, it s important to him to keep the lines of communication open with his readers Reach him at Get 2 of Andrew s books for free but be warned, they re addictive

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    This is a great story There s not too much in the way of hard core techie sci fi, and definitely an amazing adventure for all Myth, fantasy, a little transcendental regrouping and one amazing ship along with a host of interesting forms of life some are down to earth though not from earth at all and some are, well, quite evil, and then there are those intriguing minor creatures that fill a scene or are only hinted about and

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    This book was AWESOME It was AWESOME AWESOME Ok, now that I got that out.let me tell you why.This book embodied the wonder of space and yet inspired a connectedness to the cosmos that all of us should feel After all, we are all made of star dust The Truth Beyond the Sky is aptly named Aren t we all searching for the truth of what s out there Whether it be a personal truth or a truth of origin My heart went out to Zahn I couldn t

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    Epic sci fi adventure engaging and emotional Very moving and riveting story One of my top ten new reads I read ten a week

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    Zahn sets out on a quest through time and space that he hopes will solve the mystery of his mother s disappearance.This is a great original scifi story with a well thought out universe During the course of the book, the travelers find themselves visiting different worlds and encountering strange new beings There was never a moment where I suspected any race was copied from other scifi such as Romulans, Klingons Everyone seemed to be original a

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    I actually read this book several years ago and kind of forgot about it until I realized thatbooks in the same series had come out After reading the second one and then reviewing this one I am pleased to say that I think reading them was definitely worth my time This the first book was good, and I think that the second book was even better There were moments when the characters felt less than real, but overall I felt like it was both an engaging and

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    I ve been mulling over my feelings about The Truth Beyond the Sky for a few days now It s been quite a while since the last time I read a science fiction epic It took me a bit to get back into the groove Following stories like these is never easy at first but, once you are fully immersed, they have the power to drag you away into their worlds That was true in this instance as well Once I was really into the story, it was tough to look away.What s really int

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    I obtained a copy of The Truth Beyond the Sky from its author This review contains light spoilers.The Truth Beyond the Sky by Andrew M Crusoe is a mythic science fiction epic heavily influenced by its author s Hawaiian environment and elements of Vedic tradition It s a multi layered story that not only draws from mythology itself, but has a mythic quality to its telling without resorting to archaic prose.The Truth Beyond the Sky is, on the surface, the tale of Zah

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    I listened to the audiobook version of this book and I would listen to any audiobook that Jeff Hays has narrated in the past or will narrate in the future He either used technology to help with the various voices or he is absolutely amazing at voices, even the female voices sounded like actual people and not caricatures like so often happens with opposite gender voices I seriously cannot say enough good things about the narration for this book I believe this book is targ

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    I wanted to like this book It s not a bad book, I just found I couldn t connect with the characters I felt like I knew nothing about them for too long and it made it impossible for me to care about them or their story.

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    The Truth Beyond the Sky is the first book in the Epic of Aravinda series This can be read as a standalone There is violence This was an interesting start to the series It starts off slow but picks up as you get farther into the book.

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