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A Civil Action A Civil Action is a non fiction book by Jonathan Harr about a water contamination case in Woburn, Massachusetts, in the 1980s After finding that her child is diagnosed with leukemia, Anne Anderson notices a high prevalence of leukemia, a relatively rare disease, in her city Eventually she gathers other families and seeks a lawyer, Jan Schlichtmann, to consider their options.Schlichtmann originally decides not to take the case due to both the lack of evidence and a clear defendant Later picking up the case, Schlichtmann finds evidence suggesting trichloroethylene TCE contamination of the town s water supply by Riley Tannery, a subsidiary of Beatrice Foods a chemical company, W R Grace and another company named Unifirst.In the course of the lawsuit Schlichtmann gets other attorneys to assist him He spends lavishly as he had in his prior lawsuits, but the length of the discovery process and trial stretch all of their assets to their limit.

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    Litigation A machine which you go into as a pig and come out of as a sausage. Ambrose BierceI read this book early in my legal career, probably 20 years ago It s a fascinating, relatively suspenseful account of a modern day tragedy that offers the truest view of civil litigation, at least in the federal courts.In Woburn, Massachusetts not far from Boston in the 1980s, a cluster or a particular

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    A frightening look at how the legal system can be completely biased, self serving, and how one judge can destroy the lives of so many not to mention the Court of Appeals holding up inadequate, ridiculous decisions all based on res judicata For anyone wanting to be a lawyer, or who is currently a lawyer, this book resonates Incredibly well researched by the author You think the novel is going to e

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    What do large companies WR Grace Beatice think of profit or the harm their products bring to people This book and movie shows a lawyer fighting a losing battle no matter what happens to him There are parts hard to read but it is great.You must see the movie Cast John Travola, Robert Duvall, William MacyEnding quotes from the movie A Judge Skinner found that John Riley deliberately concealed evide

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    Amazingly reported and beautifully written Should be required reading, not just in law schools, but all schools, period Best GR review I saw I have friends who live in Woburn I think I ll drink bottled water when I go visit

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    Excellent Excellent Excellent After the first couple of pages, the book took off and held me on the edge of the seat right through to the end It s not very often that I read into the wee hours of the morning to finish a book, but this one grabbed and held me through and through There was just no way I was going to turn out the light and roll over.So this book was exciting and emotional At times I co

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    An amazing book that opens a window on the world of civil lawsuits.The book concerns a leukemia cancer cluster of half a dozen children that popped up in the mid 1970s, in Woburn, Massachusetts, about half an hour North of Boston Besides the cancers, the children and their families also developed a host of strange ailments rashes, fatigue, headaches, constant nausea After some tests it was proved tha

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    I m in the business This was an accurate and well written book about an actual case, with its myriad twists and turns Harr presents the events like it s a suspense mystery novel but the book is all the fascinating because it s a true story.

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    It is easy to miss the lesson of this very interesting book Perhaps, even Jonathan Harr did not fully understand the real meaning of the story that he very ably delivers A CIVIL ACTION is the true account of a civil lawsuit brought by a group of parents seeking to recover damages from two large corporations who polluted their local water supply causing serious illness to the families in their community

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    An inside look at the case that made Jan Schlictmann famous unscrupulous corporations poisoning the ground water supply, causing deaths and illness in the local community, and working to cover it up Really sheds light on the adverse effects of litigation on plaintiffs attorneys as opposed to Class Action, which sheds light on the adverse effects of litigation on plainitffs You really have to be able to

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    I had hoped a good night s sleep would put me in a better frame of mind to review this book, but as just the thought of A Civil Action brings several vulgar adjectives to mind, it doesn t look like my plan worked Oh well, prepare for the real deal My classmates almost universally loved this book I hated it It was over wordy, extremely biased, and sloppy with details For most of the book, I was ready to g

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