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Soy Un Conejo/I Am a Bunny Soy un conejo Me llamo Nicol s Vivo en un rbol hueco Las primavera, el verano, el oto o y el invierno En cada una de las estaciones, el conejo Nicol s observa con ojos inquietos los detalles de las estaciones del a o Una colecci n de libros ilustrados no estar completa hasta que Soy un Conejo est en la estanter a

About the Author: Ole Risom

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Soy Un Conejo/I Am a Bunny book, this is one of the most wanted Ole Risom author readers around the world.

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    A spiritual tale of a rabbit who goes by the name of Nicholas No last name is given In a way, he is Everybunny, making his way through the seasons of life as best he can This is a classic bunny v environment conflict, one which Nicholas survives through his wits In one scene, he is threatened by rainfall, and just when you think it is going to be the end for him he decides t

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    Oh I loved this book when I was little I loved the illustrations so much The bunny and his outfit and especially the mushrooms fascinated me I need to see if I can find it Oh nostalgia take me home I remember one page or set of pages where there was rain Beautiful and my favorite.

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    Now for the intended age group, for very young children, Ole Risom s 1963 I Am a Bunny might well and totally hit the proverbial sweet spot However, as an older and of course therefore a muchcritical reader and as someone who also never did encounter I Am a Bunny as a young child and thus having no fondly nostalgic memories of Ole Risom s text and Richard Scarry s accompanying p

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    This is my grandson s favorite book it s a really sweet story with colorful illustrations He was dressed as Nicholas for Halloween this year yellow shirt, red overalls, white bunny tail and a helmet with bunny ears So cute

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    Great alpha waves of contemplative calm emanate page by page from this exceptional book.

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    I still have a copy of this book from when I was a baby, and I have just started reading it with my one year old The pictures are absolutely beautiful, and the story is simple and short enough that my baby can pay attention the whole way through, without being annoyingly simple or cutesy It s just a really sweet book, one that I cannot recommend enough While my baby s not quite at the

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    Ok, I lied This isn t one of Kate s favorite books, it s my favorite book to read to Kate She only likes it if I change the words so instead of snow , I say marshmallows or something like that, and she can laugh and correct me But then if I don t change the words, she gets mad and tells me No, do it wrong , but then it isn t really as fun, because how much of a surprise is it for me to

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    An epic tale covering a whole year in of a naturalist rabbit s life The rabbit has a very limited wardrobe.

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    One of my girls first favorite books and what she learned to read memorize first That little girl has been teaching English for 15 years Now it s for the grandchildren to discover

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    I am a BunnyThis book is perfect for babies and toddlers who are actively discovering the natural world around them A cute bunny in red overalls named Nicholas narrates the story he lives in a hollow tree and shows us how he enjoys observing the changing seasons and playing with plants and animals Although Richard Scarry painted the illustrations, they don t have the cartoonish quality of his

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