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The Old Nurse's Stocking Basket PDF Epub The Old Nurse S Stocking Basket Eleanor Farjeon Webpolitics.us Every Night When The Children Were Tucked Up In Bed, The Old Nurse Would Pull Out A Pair Of Stockings From The Mending Basket And While She Threaded Her Needle She Would Look In Her Memory For A Story That Fitted The Size Of The Hole The Children Always Stopped Their Bickering At Once, For None Of Them Wanted To Miss Her Extraordinary Stories Of Princes And Princesses, Greek Gods, Sea Captains And Other Wonderful Characters She Had Come Across In Her Hundreds Of Years As A Children S Nurse All The Tales Were So Entrancing That The Boys Could Hardly Be Blamed For Sometimes Making Large Holes On Purpose, So That They D Have A Long Story To Match

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    One of the first books I ever read I remember my parents setting me and brother off in a bookshop to select new books My brother grabbed this and I grabbed E.Nesbit s House of Arden which proves to be too hard for me and lay on the shelf for almost a decade before I finally got it down and addicted to it My brother s choice be

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    There was no end to the Old Nurse s stories her memory went back such a long way that she never need tell the same tale twice, only sometimes they asked her to, if they remembered a special favourite This was the first book that I could ever truly say was mine rather than my Mum s or belonging to the small children s bookcase at h

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    A charming premise for anybody interested in knitting apparently the nurse, while threading the needle to darn a sock, children gathered around her, would look back through her memory for a story that would fit ...

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    The first real book I ever read I selected it or less at random off the shelf and vowed to sound out every single word in the damn thing until I could read And I did I have not read this book in over 20 years, but I still remember many of the wonderful stories from it This boo...

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    Ardizzone is one of my favourite illustrators If I rated this book on the last story in the collection The Sea Baby it would be a five star This is a really beautiful story I like to think it was written about Dunwich in Suffolk.

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    cute stories I love it Perhaps I will tell my children these stories as lullaby.

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