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A Conspiracy of Ravens Lady Trent S Sleuthing Skills Are Put To The Test In A Victorian Mystery About Mischief, Murder, And A Lost HeirWith The Aid Of Her Partner Dylan Tremayne, Lady Serafina Trent Aims To Help Her Neighbors The Haydens Determine Who The True Heir Is To Their Sizable Estate After Some Investigating, She Shocks The Haydens When She Reveals That The Child They Believed Had Died At Birth Is Actually Alive And Living As A Criminal In London S Worst SlumThen The Hayden S Butler Is Murdered And The Stakes Are Dangerously Raised Lady Serafina Must Employ Her Famous Scientific Reasoning To Help Her Discover Answers Before Foul Play Strikes Again Though Her Beloved Reason Fails To Explain Her Growing Attraction To DylanEnjoy Victorian England Through The Eyes Of Christian Fiction S Most Beloved Author

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    I have not read a Christian mystery before It was all right I felt that the depiction of Victoria England was not accurate, especially manners and dress.

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    Pretty average I just can t believe that Trevor wouldn t fall back on his life of crime during his intense bouts of doubt Or that he wouldn t be rougher Or some of his old friends would put the pinch on him or try to blackmail him or SOMETHING Trevor seems too eager to please too eager to show that he s the Earl s son He has plenty of inducements his parents are loving and kind Gervase, his cousin, is beautiful and kind to him, too Lady Trent and her crew believe in him But somehow, Prett

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    After reading the first book in this series, which was just okay, I wasn t sure how I d like the second one It was actually better than the first one Serephina Trent resumes her role as detective with help from her actor friend Dylan Tremayne and Inspector Matthew Grant, and the mystery kept me guessing until the end While end wrapped up a little too neatly for my tastes, but overall I really liked this book.

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    This was a pretty good book It s about Serafina Trent who helps her friends, the Haydens, find the son they thought had died at birth But then there s a murder and Serafina and her friend Dylan need to find out who did it before the murderer strikes again.I liked this book It s not my favorite mystery books aren t my favorite genre But I did enjoy reading this I didn t read the first book, but this one kind of mentioned what happened in it, and it wasn t confusing at all.

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    I enjoyed this followup very much, though in some ways I felt like it lacked some of the intrigue and mystery of the first installment I still look forward to reading 3, and hold a high esteem for Morris writing ability and historical knowledge.

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    Better than the first one in the series IMO.

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    rating 3.5

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    This book was Amazing, why must it end cries

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    If Gilbert Morris wrote it, it s a great read.

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    Not much of a whodunnit, but a well rounded 2nd book I enjoyed readingabout Lady Trent, Dylan, David, Dora, Inspector Grant, and Lady Trent s family.In this book, a man finds out that he was switched at birth he s really an Earl The man, now called Trevor Hayden, has been raised in the roughest parts of London and has quite a record of petty theft and minor disturbances The current Earl has been having one too many near misses a gunshot close by and a saddle that was cut during a fo Not much of a whodunnit, but a well rounded 2nd book

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