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Twisted Threads BRAG MEDALLION HONOREEAkira Hamada, a beautiful Japanese geisha, failed at killing Kaito Mitsui two years ago, the same yakuza gang leader who destroyed her lover and forced her to become an assassin Now, with his sister s murderer traveling to the Caribbean on a cruise ship, Akira has ten days at sea to identify her target and complete her assignment as her penance, or face her own death But falling in love with her target s nephew was never part of the plan and may prove to be her undoing

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    Twisted Threads,by KAYLIN MCFARREN, is about a gal named Akira She used to be a geisha but is now an assassin Her boss orders her to go on a cruise ship to determine who was responsible for his sister s death She is assigned to investigate a couple, Paul and Sara Lyons, one of whom is the murderer The couple is accompanied on the trip by their nephew, Devon Akira uses Devon as her

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    Akira Hamada has an enemy Kaito Mitsui Kaito is also her employer he s turned her into an assassin.Kaito had a sister who was murdered He wants Akira to be on the cruise ship where his sister s murderer will be There are two suspects so who murdered Maito s sister and who will Akira turn her gun sights on Twisted Threads is the fourth and the last book in Threads series I have not read

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    A sexy mystery that brings the timeless themes of murder, revenge and family loyalty to the high seas A great series for fans of romantic suspense.In Twisted Threads, assassin Akira Hamada finds herself owing a life debt to Mitsui san, a powerful member of Zakura kai, Japan s notorious yakuza family And yet at the book s outset, she is offered a way out The price of her freedom Boarding a c

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    Twisted Threads is the fourth book in the Threads series, however, it truly stands alone In this fun, twisted, romantic adventure, Akira a beautiful geisha turned assassin continues her tale from Buried Threads and meets up with Devon Lyons a troublesome treasure seeker , originally introduced in Severed Threads, book one Together they work to resolve the mystery of unsolved murders on board the

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    An assassin searches for a killer amongst the passengers on a cruise ship trying to identify.This book is packed with action, both bloody and romantic, with a central character looking for a target but also redemption The violence is quite graphic in nature and some of the sex scenes are a bit racy, but the twists and turns of the plot make it a satisfyingly chilling mystery I understand this book is

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    MY REVIEW OF TWISTED THREADS BY KAYLIN MCFARRENI was captivated and intrigued by Twisted Threads by Author Kaylin McFarren This is the fourth book in the THREAD series and I did feel an a disadvantage I would suggest that you read the other books to understand the characters and plot in a better way There are twists and turns, and adventure The genres of this book are Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, and Psyc

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    I have enjoyed this series I have become involved with the characters and feel as if I know them I was so excited that Devin and Mariko got their own stories It was even better that they were combined. Devin Lyons is the Brother of Rachel Lyons, or Cohen as she is most likely known now He has a shady past and has had no real luck in relationships Devin has agreed to go on a cruise with his aunt and uncle, Pau

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    Although I am no stranger to mysteries and psychological thrillers, Twisted Threads went far beyond most It not only grabbed me intellectually because I love solving crimes but it also tugged at my emotions McFarren s characters are well developed and multi dimensional No one is the proverbial good guy or bad guy Each character possesses a believable mix of traits that leaves you guessing what they will do next Sin

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    This was such a wild ride I loved the setting of this bookI m always on the lookout for cruise books as cruise ships are such exciting and fun environments with so much to do This was by far the best cruise book I ve ever read It s full of twists and turns, action, and adventure This is the fourth book in a series and there were a few times that I was a bit confused due to lack of background knowledge but for the most p

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    A Steamy MysteryA geisha, a cruise ship, and a chain of mysterious assassinations These intriguing elements sum up the action in this 4th installment of the Threads series Akira is trained in the art of deception, so when she boards the Starfish Cruise ship with a fictitious father in tow, no one suspects she is an assassin on a mission She s beautiful and personable, and her brief identify the targets, eliminate them, and d

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