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Sapphamire Natasha Clayton is out of time and options The High Council of Others considers her dangerous a ticking time bomb, because her powers haven t manifested in the usual time frame If she wants to avoid incarceration for her own good , or death for their own good , then she desperately needs to land this job Dragon shifter, Blain Barrymire, came to Earth many years ago in search of his mate While on Earth he has built a powerful empire, and now, after firing his previous personal assistant, he finds himself in need of a new one He s shocked when applicant N Clayton is not only female, but Other, and most importantly, she s his mate Their new love is tested time and again, as they have to overcome an attempted murder, the Council of Others, and finally, a war in Blain s homeland

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    I have read many different stories about shifters and other paranormal creatures and I must say that dragons are my least favorite However I really enjoyed Blaine s and Natasha s story Two very different people yet are very much alike in so many ways I loved the pla

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    Warning this review will be very bitchy Okay, so, before I get really into the bitching about this book I d like to say don t let me scare any possible readers off If you want to read it you should, just be prepared I don t think the book is that bad, but it just hit al

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    No, just no I couldn t even get past the first 8 pages of this crap view spoiler On the very first page, before we get to know anything else about the female lead character, we re given the supernatural equivalent of her measurements So now we know she has raven black wings

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    I love dragons I love everything I read and believe about them Their loyalty, strength and fierceness in defending those they love Their beauty and grace and agility and of course the fact that they can fly Dragons are probably my favorite shifters to read about with wolves a c

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    I absolutely loved this book couldn t put it down and made me lose sleep I was so engrossed I had to know what was going to happen next Amazing tale of a world where dragons and human are fused together and one and the same Their human forms gorgeous warriors and their fierce lovab

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    This was an amazing new look into the paranormal world through the use of dragons I have read books on vampires, shifters and other paranormal, but very few on dragons It was refreshing to read I liked that Blaine and Natasha s story is one that fate created Natasha is a strong female

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    Absolutely loved this story I was very curious about this book as I haven t read book about dragon shifters before Blaine is a dragon shifter who meets his true mate Natasha And so the fun begins The humour in this book is amazing, the dragons a very witty and funny Love the interaction be

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    4 STARSOverall, this book was a short and quick read I very much enjoyed reading it but the length did not allow for too much development, or tie up loose ends. May still continue with this series Blain Protective Cute Loving towards his mate, Natasha Blain and his dragon, Sapphamire, share ea

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    SapphamireAlice Brown Lady VDragon of Dragonose book 1Natasha Clayton Angel, Demon, and Pixie has only a few options left to her due to her powers never coming to be.Work for the elusive Blain Barrymire a dragon shifter living on earth Let the council of others cage her for the rest of her long li

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    I loved this book, I was hooked from the first few pages could not put it down until I had finished it.This is first story in this series introduces us to Blain Barrymire He is a Dragon Shifter has come to Earth from the Land of Dragonose to find a mate He is a successful business man, working from an

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About the Author: Alice Brown

I am a retired military wife and homeschool mom I started writing about three years ago at my daughter s urging,but it took me until mid 2013 to get my nerve up and try to get published It has been a whirlwind ride since then, but one that I don t plan to stop any time soon

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