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The Good Soldier All the world was mad around her and she herself, agonized, took on the complexion of a mad woman of a woman very wicked In the saddest story I have ever heard , a na ve American abroad unfolds a devastating tale of two seemingly respectable Edwardian marriages destroyed by infidelity and lies

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    I don t know what anyone has to be proud ofFord Madox Ford, The Good SoldierWhat You mean this novel isn t about war Is it possible to hate a book and love it at the same time This is one of those books where it immediately becomes obvious you aren t going to read this novel for the strict pleasure of it This book

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    What a sick, rotten, depraved society we re treated to, populated by liars and knaves, and yet I found myself heartbroken by the end, wondering what kind of magic spell Ford had cast on me Ford is an absolute master of technique in this case the use of flashbacks and an unreliable narrator and I found myself riveted thr

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    In all matrimonial associations there is, I believe, one constant factor a desire to deceive the person with whom one lives as to some weak spot in one s character. page 86 Where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise Most of us aspire to knowledge and perhaps we hope it will lead to wisdom But we make exceptions Sometimes

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    The Good Soldier I found to be a difficult book to grasp, at least to begin with I felt the need to go back over the first 40 pages or so, just to try and accustom myself to it Things paid of in the end, but it really did require patience, a quiet room, and reading big chunks at a time, rather than just picking off a few pages here

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    We are all so afraid, we are all so alone, we all so need from the outside the assurance of our own worthiness to exist This novel is so stunning Oh my god I did not expect it to be this good.After reading this a second time for my term paper, I m still in awe of this book I ve never read anything quite like it First of all, I m glad I p

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    Storytelling is about as much an art as is writing Any piece of paper can have beautifully constructed sentences, impeccable prose, dazzling verses, yet when there simply is nothing to tell all those words are moot The alarming strength of the Good Soldier can be found in its maze like narration that starts off with an innocent consciousness t

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    Oh Propriety Nowadays there s a word for Edward Ashburnham And I don t mean some modern vulgarity, unavailable to the Edwardians, something like emotional fuck up, appropriate as that may be or not No, I m thinking serial monogamist The term is new, because the concept is new At the turn of the 20th century there was monogamy Or there was promiscuit

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    Wow, was this well done I almost wrote fantastic , but that didn t seem appropriate to the mood of the piece It is also throughly soul crushing, of course, but that shouldn t affect your reading plans in favor of it It really is a must read, I think The book is a thorough condemnation of the principles of Edwardian society and the Victorian society that c

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    This is a story of two marriages, a philandering husband, a controlling wife, living lies, keeping up appearances, misusing religion and pursuing happiness in all the wrong places It is told by an unreliable narrator who scarcely seems to understand the import of the story himself It is wonderfully constructed, gloriously convoluted, and amazingly misdirected T

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    Today s special from the bill of fare Crow Market Price Served with a complimentary slice of stale pumpernickel and a glass of river water.I really did not think I was going to enjoy this book one bit I also erroneously believed it was included in the collection of crap known as Time s 100 Best 20th Century Novels , and the fact it isn t is probably why it was actual

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