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Men, Women, and Ghosts New from Debora Greger a special poet in every sense Poetry In her eighth book of poetry, Debora Greger travels not just the present but the past, looking for some strange place to call home She takes a taxi to Stonehenge She writes letters to Li Po and Tu Fu, Shakespeare and Jane Austen, always seeking out the beast that is man and the beast that is woman She explores both the remoteness of the past those radioactive fifties that were her childhood , and the weight of it or, better, the responsibility of it These modern traveler s tales musing, insistent, marvelous place one woman s collection of pasts into a world inhabited by Horace, Chekhov, the bank vault of England, and the giant octopus of Puget Sound

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    The book s atmosphere is spectral, and its poems are typically lynch pinned by memory, elegy, or both, continually searching for an answer to a question that is posed in Her Posthumous Life a poem about a secret lover of Keats What am I to a dead poet Answering this can result in a tendency of Greger to dwell or ponder and never pass, as s

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    As you know, poetry must be read out loud to get the full impact of words painstakingly put together to form a story In Gregor s work this is no exception In some cases words can sound like bricks falling down a staircase The trick is to figure out are the steps made of concrete, wood, or metal.

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    I can t complain about these poems but can t rave about them either.

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