Commit!: Unlock Your Full Potential and Learn to Lead

Commit!: Unlock Your Full Potential and Learn to Lead Yourself As an All Ireland winning footballer and a highly successful motivational coach and businessman, Enda McNulty has an intimate knowledge of what it takes to achieve real successHaving worked with international high achievers rugby players Brian O Driscoll and Paul O Connell, golfer Shane Lowry, Riverdance principal dancer, Padraic Moyles, and also with top management teams in companies like Kellogg s, Microsoft and Facebook he knows how to help people reach their potential and achieve their dreamsEnda believes that the greatest fulfilment in life comes from making a real commitment to finding and working to achieve your life s true purpose InCommithe explains how to go about doing thisDrawing on his personal and professional experience, Enda demonstrates how to harness your strengths so you can live a passionate, purposeful life He explores goal setting and planning and shows how to develop a mind set that will help you to recognise and embrace opportunityEnda also provides a unique perspective on resilience and mental toughness and how to develop both And he provides practical guidance on managing physical wellness through the right mix of exercise and nutritionUsing examples from the wide variety of the people Enda has helped some well known, some not so well known Commitblends real world experience with the wealth of personal insight and expertise Enda has built up over the yearsIt is nothing less than a one stop manual for becoming the truest most fulfilled version of yourself you can be

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    a great book which I hope to continually refer back to.

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    I picked up this book with a high degree of scepticism I don t read self help books was what my internal voice told me However, I decided to commit To reading one This is written by a man who knows what hard is, all Ireland football is hard He managed to tap to the inner well of energy within me and it got memotivated than I have been in years I really enjoyed this book, a quick

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