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Kin In a future Los Angeles, a boy hires one of the deadliest alien assassins in the galaxy to protect his sister

About the Author: Bruce McAllister

Bruce McAllister is an American writer best known for his science fiction, fantasy and literary fiction His short fiction, which he began publishing as a teenager The Faces Outside, 9TH ANNUAL OF THE YEAR S BEST SF , has appeared over the years in genre magazines, original anthologies, year s best anthologies, literary quarterlies and college readers won a National Endowment for the Arts writing award and been a finalist for the Hugo, Nebula, Locus and Shirley Jackson awards He has published three novels HUMANITY PRIMe, the esp in war Vietnam novel DREAM BABY, and THE VILLAGE SANG TO THE SEA A MEMOIR OF MAGIC, which Michael Bishop has called an eloquent ode to the universal mysteries of both place and coming of age He has edited and co edited with Harry Harrison and Brian Aldiss science fiction and fantasy anthologies and has served on James Tiptree, Philip K Dick and Nebula juries In high school he sent a questionnaire about literary symbolism to l50 of the world s most famous writers, half of whom responded See Sara Funk Butler s 2011 article on their responses at the PARIS REVIEW blog Bruce grew up in a Navy family with marine science and anthropology archeology interests, lived as a child on both American coasts and in Italy where he first fell in love with fantasy and science fiction , and, after a career in university, is now a full time writer and writing coach living in southern California.

10 thoughts on “Kin

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    Thank you for the incredible story, LeVar Burton

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    2.5 I really felt like I wanted , but it was still a good story I read this story, audibly, through the wonderful new podcast LeVar Burton ReadsIt was a short read, and I think the biggest sin is that it was actually kept a short story It seemed to demand expansion, to me as a reader at least But, it gave a strong and lovely message, it held my attention, it had that nice sci fi language, and

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    It s the book read in the first episode of the Levar Burton Reads podcast The story is not bad Quite short but is presented well Might have a look at what else they ve wrote.

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    Levar Burton reads this on the first episode of his new podcast I am not actually a fan of short fiction or sci fi, truth be told, but I can listed to LB talk about whatever.This is a short story about the meeting and connection between a young boy and an alien assassin.

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    Long car ride Levar Burton reading to me via podcast heaven At first, I didn t quite get the ending, but when I DID, holy cats, this became a five star read I find it funny that a wish of many millennials is to have Levar Burton read them a bedtime story This wasn t quite a bedtime story, but MAN does he have the speaking chops to draw you into the world the author created Great story, great narrator, highly recomme

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    Listened to this short story courtesy of LeVar Burton Reads ITS READING RAINBOW FOR ADULTS It is a story of a boy who hires a alien to kill someone who is going to kill his sister The characters show a lot of complexity in a short amount of story and the story itself is heartfelt beneath the whole hiring an alien to kill someone thing Listened to this short story courtesy of LeVar Burton Reads ITS READING RAINBOW FOR ADULTS

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    Kin is a short story that builds momentum as you suddenly see how the title relates to the relationship between an Earth boy and an assassin alien Young Kim contacts an Antalou alien and convinces him to prevent the forced abortion of his yet to be born sister At first you will wonder why this alien follows through on the boy s request, but this quietly menacing story will show you how the mercenary alien recognizes that the two sh

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    Discovered this on the Levar Burton Reads podcast and loved it

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    I wasn t expecting a story about an alien assassin and a twelve year old boy to pull at the heartstrings.I, like bajillions of others I assume, listened to this on LeVer Burton Reads.

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    Review of Kin by Bruce McAllister Does it count as read if I listened to this short story in the Levar Burton Reads podcast Yes, it totally does I don t get why some people discount audiobooks I adore them I need them I am not a reader of science fiction, sadly It s not because I think they are geeky, or trash or whatever stupid stereotype It s totally my fault, I get too caught up in the pronunciation of words, it s a perfectionist phonetic reader thing,

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