Goodnight Spaceman and Other Stories Kindle ä

Goodnight Spaceman and Other Stories A complete collection of 'Goodnight' Stories for your little one Includes brand new readings of Goodnight Santa, Goodnight Digger, Goodnight Pirate, Goodnight Princess, and Goodnight Tractor Also includes a special recording of Goodnight Spaceman, by astronaut Tim Peakerecorded live from The International Space Station!

About the Author: Michelle Robinson

When I'm not up to my knees in nappies, I write children's books I also spend a fair amount of time eating chocolate I try to write funny, read aloud books that parents will enjoy as much as children after all, if you have to share the same stories umpteen times, you may as well enjoy them.I hope you like my books enough to read them umpteen times Thank you Michelle.

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