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Lovestruck The hero wore a top that left his midriff bare Oh, ugh This man needs to meet the man in another book who wore miniscule white tennis shorts Holy Stripper Convention, Batman First of allI think the hero cheated on his current girlfriend with the heroine He didn t, after all, really break up with her PRIOR to proposing to our heroinealcoholic stupor withstanding Ok Maybe he didn t cheat Anyway, what a fun book Nothing too deep or thought provoking going on in this little book, and I am okay with that I think this is the only book I have read lately where both neither the hero nor the heroine s parents were complete nutters evil neglectful etc As a parent, that is a relief.We are not all crazy much Well, there are degrees of crazy after all, right Back to the booka grumpy, in denial hero a feisty, no doormat here heroine two adorably meddling mothers and a cast of colorful, fun supporting characters made for a fun, quick read Obviously, the hero has his obligatory TSTL moments as does our obligatory sexy yet virginal heroine Add to that snappy dialogue like this Hurriedly, he promised I won t breathe a syllable I swear it, by everything holyElvis, Re Lovestruck Charlotte Lamb gets a five star author cover tag, as of this 2019 writing she has over 200 million copies of her books published worldwide per Bookscan, and revives the plot from one of her early Uber Alpha Womanizer H s vs Prime Unicorn Managing h romances.You guessed it, CL is bringing us a revised and politically correct for the 1990 s version of Obsession But to ease the sorrow of not having an obsessed, punishingly kissing, grabbily determined H, we get added humor instead.This H is much refined in both manner and tone than CL s early H s he does seem to have a bit of a holding his liquor problem as the book opens with our secretary h planning on giving her boss a really good verbal drubbing session, as soon as he hauls his hungover hiney to the office that is.The h in this is the H s secretary, they both work at a non London radio station and the h is all things efficient and practical and somewhat cynically minded Tho softer around the edges than CL s earlier acerbic managing h s, this Light hearted story I didn t really care much for the hero He was totally against any relationship with the heroine right up until the very end so I didn t really believe he loved her Sometimes you can see the hero really cares or is This was cute I wasn t bowled over by the romance or the hero, but it was an enjoyable and satisfying read The end was funny, it was like a true female fantasy where you completely change a man, force him to have the giant wedding he doesn t want, and somehow he s thrilled with it all. Disappointing CL read This was too cute and light to be a CL book. I ve liked it very much Not a very good romance but funny and at the end it was like real life At least both H and h was working for their dream house It reminded me my husband and me were trying to find a house and decorating while working hard and saving 23 years ago That s why I ve given 3,5 stars besides the H s not original dumbness as I quoted below Well, get this, Natalie, and get it good We aren t g Download Lovestruck By Charlotte Lamb Viagraonl1ne.us You Remember, Last Night At The Party When You Proposed To MeProposed Sam Hoarsely Repeated, Going Pale.Natalie Gave Him A Dewy Look Yes You Went Down On Your Knees, In Front Of Them All On My He Breathed, With Incredulity And Horror Knees She Nodded And Asked Me To Marry You You Put Your Signet Ring On My Finger And Said It Would Do Until We Could Get To A Jeweler S To Choose A Real Engagement Ring, A Sapphire To Match My Eyes You Remember, Don T You, Sam Eh The way Natalie punished Sam for his drunken proposal amused me, but Natalie and Sam didn t interact much so the romance was practically non existent Sam didn t even seem overly concerned by the other man s presence in Natalie s life WTH Charlotte Lamb s heroes are best when they re 2.5 StarsMeh It was ok After working together for three years with NO chemistry at all, one drunken proposal drastically changes things And I don t understand why I disliked the H He was anti commitment and made sure everyone knew it He liked the h s legs and tried to date her when she first started working for him, but that was it The h was professional, understated and never saw her boss as date worthy But a drunken proposal and a ring on her finger changes everything I enjoyed the story because it was lighthearted and an easy re

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