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Personal Demons Alex always knew romance would be complicated When love came into his life with wings and horns, he knew those complications would be a little unusual Four months after meeting Rachel and Lorelei, Alex finally has a handle on divine visitations, supernatural enemies, and the echoes of reincarnation He might even survive bringing an angel and a demon home for Christmas with the family He might not survive what comes next A favor for friends brings Alex into a heated feud among Seattle s sorcerers The lords of Hell aren t pleased with the chaos wrought by Lorelei s escape, and they re looking for payback Worst of all, her angry ex boyfriend has blown into town and he just happens to be the Angel of Death Warning Personal Demons contains explicit sex, explicit violence, explicit language, explicit use of implications, open relationships, polyamory, blasphemy, sacrilege, heresy, paganism, sorcery, portrayals of matters divine and demonic bearing little or no resemblance to established religious canon, prejudice, murder, mass murder, singular murder, alley murder, conspiracy to commit murder, regicide, treason, dismemberments, impalement, arson, defenestration, racially charged Nam flashbacks, trash talking, smuggling, mansplaining, spoiled Christmas surprises, numerous state and Federal firearms violations, organized crime, transnational crime, avian conscription, disturbances of the peace, paranoia, Doomsday preppers, illegal immigration, party fouls, public endangerment, underage drinking, human sacrifice, destruction of cell phones, false identification, consumption of alcohol, mayhem, attempted kidnapping, mass vehicular collisions, reincarnation, conspiracy to commit sexual promiscuity, threesomes, assault and battery, banditry, reverse banditry, eye gouging, cultural misappropriation, trespassing, lies, innuendo, intrigue, foreplay under false pretenses, bribery, political corruption, spiritual corruption, misuse of military facilities, a blanket fort of ill repute, home invasion, warfare, espionage, mercenary activity, consumption of sentient beings, panhandling, lingerie, cohabitation outside of marriage, missed homework assignments, too much pizza, toxic masculinity, abbreviated sex scenes, fully descriptive sex scenes, romantic sex, casual sex, mild dom sub play, mystic servitude, stalking, knife throwing, weaponized alcohol, weaponized furniture, weaponized human remains, drone strikes, slavery, eternal damnation, mind control, carjacking, spitting, biting, vandalism, gossip, sexual objectification, immolations, feminist solidarity, zombie terrorists, pissy ex boyfriends, too much information from Grandpa, and a flagrant narrative disregard for common standards of decency

About the Author: Elliott Kay

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Personal Demons book, this is one of the most wanted Elliott Kay author readers around the world.

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    Rating 3.5 stars This book wasn t as good as the other books in this series The first 2 books were a littlefun The first book was awesome, because everything was new The 2nd book lost Taylor as a main character but Onyx and Molly were now a much bigger part of the story There were supernatural fights and

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    Oh, how I ve missed the adventures of Alex co.There is serious character growth for everyone in it, notably for Drew in Natural consequences it was for Jason, I guess mister Kay is giving them their turn each I like the style of the author who setup foundation for another book in this one Can t wait for ne

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    If you can stomach all of the creamy sex stuff, this is a fantastic book like the rest of the series The characters, plot and setting are all way above what one might expect from an erotica series.I truely love the portrayal of the angels, heaven, hell and the demons Despite the books refusal to explain any

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    aggravating moments leading to a disappointing end It s just so damn pointlessly sad to write an erotic fantasy novel where the lovers slowly drift apart and becomedistant What do you expect when your GF tells you she want s to see other men in book 2, then book 3 is going to be a bummer After loving the hell

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    Alex and company try to move on with their lives after the events of the previous books, but are quickly drawn back into the supernatural meat grinder.What I like about this book is the highlighting of cause and effect The actions of the previous books have caused a power vacuum and we all know that nature abhor

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    I had never heard of this book till today it s one of the offerings in Audible s latest sale and I hadn t seriously considered reading it But then I came across its list of warnings.Now, I m a sucker for this kind of smartass trigger warning in book blurbs And when I came across a blanket fort of ill repute and al

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    A great book in a fantastic series Very fast paced with amazing action A good number of diverse characters in this continuing battle of the supernatural I highly recommend this series for those that don t mind funny urban fantasy with explicit sexual content.

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    The third book in the Good Intentions series maintains the high standards of the first two The sorcerers of Seattle return to center stage and we learn that the magical practitioners havethan their fair share of dangerous kooks The major villains in question are survivalists who have long predicted the end of the worl

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Definitely better than the first two from what I remember I was glad to read that the memory stuff with Alex that annoyed me in the second book ended up being useful to him, and I liked the evolving relationship between him Lorelei and Rache

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    I really enjoyed the expansion in scope of this book The greater threats from the Pit, the introduction of new supernaturals, and the odd mission in Iraq All made this book really fast paced and hard to put down.

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