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Runaway It s a cold, hard, cruel fact that my mother loved heroin than she loved me Holly is in her fifth foster home in two years and she s had enough She s run away before and always been caught quickly But she s older and wiser now she s twelve and this time she gets away cleanThrough tough and tender and angry and funny journal entries, Holly spills out her story We travel with her across the country hopping trains, scamming food, sleeping in parks or homeless encampments And we also travel with her across the gaping holes in her heart as she finally comes to terms with her mother s addiction and death Runaway is a remarkably uplifting portrait of a girl still young and stubborn and naive enough to hold out hope for finding a better place in the world, and within herself, to be

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    Runaway is another book picked for me at random at the library by my daughter More often than not, she comes up with good stuff That s probably a testament as much to the librarians as it is to my daughter, but still Runaway is a sequel, of sorts, to another book that Van Draanen wrote Sammy Keyes and the Sist

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    I really liked this book beacuse the reader was able to get into the mind of character The author does this well by using 1st person narrative I also like that the book was written in diary from because it made me fee closer to the character I found it interestng how the chracter refered to herself as a sea gypse sp

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I just happened to randomly start reading this book a few months ago After reading about 60 pages into it, I knew I would HAVE to finish it Holly, the main character, has a powerful voice and instantly makes you pay attention She s twelve years

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    Runaway By Wenddelin Van Draanen.This story is about a foster girl, she lives with her foster parents who make her sleep in the laundry room when shes a bad girl After her foster dad shoves her head in the toilet and flushes several times, shes had enough.She runaway.Read this book to find out the type of horror and fear she fac

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    Olivia Gonzalesp.1 WaxmanGoodreads Review no 2Runaway Runaway by Wendelin Van Draanen is the powerful story of a young girl named Holly Janquell who has been deemed unadoptable and constantly runs away from her foster homes When she faces some cruel events in one of them, she runs away to the western beaches, calling herself a sea gyp

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    Joe BrickerRomaniuk MoyerReading L.A Book Review 828 January 2011Runaway Follow The Yellow Brick Road It s never too late in fiction or in life to revise This quote from Nancy Thayer describes this book In Runaway, by Wendelin Van Draanen, Holley Janquel is a runaway A minor who has left the care of an adult In the beginning of this realist

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    The ending wants me to give this a 4, but I think overall it s a 3 I definitely liked it, but it lacked something for me throughout I think, the fact that is told all in journal entries, I missed the person to person interactions I think that was what made me not love this The ending though, that redeems it for sure This is good for my middle sch

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    Imagine living your entire life without a house or someone to trust That is how 12 year old Holly lives her life on the road.The genre of Runaway is realistic fiction I liked this book a lot because it talks about an adventure a amazing journey The setting of my book is wherever Holly decides to travel, like LA and Nevada It takes place in the present

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    Well done, Wendelin Van Draanen WELL DONE You have created yet another great book, I applaud you, I really do Runaway is a realistic fiction book by Wendelin Van Draanen Holly Janquell is the main character in this book, she is very tough and resourceful This book is written in a journal form and as we read we get to see the cold truth of Holly s life As we

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    Runaway By Wendelin Van Draanen is a book I would recommmened to 6th 8th graders I would recomened this book because some people can relate to this Runaway by Wendelin Van Draanen is about a girl she is in a foster home and then she is thinking about running away because her foster parents are mean and she just does nt like them What at first feels like an escape

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