The River and the Gauntlet: Defeat of the Eighth Army by

The River and the Gauntlet: Defeat of the Eighth Army by the Chinese Communist Forces, November, 1950, in the Battle of the Chongchon River, Korea The classic account of the nd Infantry Divisions retreat from the Chongchon River, North Korea in November,

About the Author: S.L.A. Marshall

S.L.A Marshall full name, Samuel Lyman Atwood Marshall served in World War I and then embarked in a career in journalism In World War II, he was chief combat historian in the Central Pacific 1943 and chief historian for the European Theater of Operations 1945 He authored some 30 books about warfare, including Pork Chop Hill The American Fighting Man in Action, The River and the Gauntlet and Men Against Fire The Problem of Battle Command in Future War.

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    One of the classic Korean War books by the controversial military historian S.L.A Marshall among the allegations the biggest is that he manufactured data claiming that in WWII only 25% of U.S soldiers actually fired their weapons in combat.A claim that changed how the Army trained soldiers It covers the Chinese Offensive in late November of 1950 which pushed the U.N mil

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    At the end of November, 1950, the U.S 8th Army was defeated by Chinese Communist Forces along the Chongchon River in the northwestern part of orth Korea Military intelligence failed to detect that a significant number of Chinese Communist Forces had already crossed into North Korea from Manchuria The rough terrain hampered communication among U.S forces That, coupled with some

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    This is one of my favorite books very well written just a few years after this pivotal Korean War battle, covering the battle from start to finish in good, even detail, and brutally honest I hope I am wrong, but I wonder if some of the less than sterling support for the book and its author, S L A Marshall, might come from Marshall s honest depiction of possibly America s worst milita

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    This read is best for those with military experience It is sad, very sad, but too often true in many aspects During the story I was mostly depressed, even when progress was made by some.

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    This is a close look at how the People s Liberation Army the Chinese Communist Armed Forces ambushed and defeated the US Army, in particular the 2nd and 25th Infantry Divisions It was a muddled battle which means this is can be a muddle of a read The focus is often down at the squad level Marshall did a lot of interviewing for this book that was completed before the war ended, so there is an urgen

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    In this book, SLA Marshall details just what can happen when an army is unprepared for battle In 1950 the US Army was under trained, under equiped and under armed, having been largely dismantled after 1945 Its intelligence capacity was a shadow of what it had been in WW2 The ChiComs acheived strategic and tactical surprise which gave them crushing victories Marshall tells the stories of different platoon

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    Marshall wrote The River and Gauntlet in 1953 It chronicles the U.S Army s battle against the Chinese People s Voluntary Army in November 1950 along the Chongchon River in North Korea The recount is written from a diarist s perspective and in great detail chronicles US Army failed strategies and tactics leading to 3,000 to 7,000 U.S casualties It is used by military historians to teach lessons learned when comm

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    Been a while, but captures the heroism and challenges of Chosin Reservoir Best read after ageneral history of the Yalu Chosin Reservoir campaign in Korean War or the war generally.

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    An amazing look at a forgotton war in all of its fury and sadness Not the best written read of all time but an amazing story of fierce fighting, scare tactics, and a humbling defeat by China.

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