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Night of the Chalk Enter a world where the fate of kingdoms are decided by spies with swords and dragons are the only weapon which matters Blades, blood, whiskey, and cigarettes have always been a part of the gaming tables in Delhonne Now there s a new marker Dragons have returned to the city Master spy Aaron Lorne and his team of misfits have a stacked hand at the moment, but enemies nip at their heels Greedy government agents, entitled nobility, and ruthless street gangs all hunger for a piece of the game And it will take every scrap of luck the spies have to keep themselves out of a shallow grave Night of the Chalk, first in the Spies of Dragon and Chalk series, is a cocktail blending notes of Ian Fleming s James Bond novels and crime noir into a thrilling world of epic fantasy Mixing spy craft, dragons, and good writing, Samuel Gately certainly won me over The Fantasy Book Critic Blog

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    This one has it all charm, guile, engineering, and adventure big and small One measure of a good story, particularly in the fantasy genre is the amount of story beyond the story, the lore of the particular history and setting up stakes which leavesdoors open

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    Excellent fantasy novel Night of the chalk is a satisfying mix of adventure, battles, and the right sprinkling of magic The well developed characters provide instant engagement, while the plot line twists to keep you on your toes, and the big picture fantasy wor

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    OVERVIEW ANALYSIS Night Of The Chalk is another intriguing title that comes with an eye catching cover Samuel Gately s debut introduces us to a world wherein spycraft, dragons, and magic come together in a dangerous pattern Set in the city of Delhonne and over the p

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    Impressed with several things in this book The amount of thought that went into developing the character s cultures is admirable The meaning and purpose of the tattoos worked well How the dragons were worked into the story and how they lent meaning to the people involve

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    Strong plot and well written the characters seem quite real Lots of actions with swords and axe, flying dragons, a bit of magic, and some strange creatures The Chalk bent on annihilating all humans, all set in sort of a medieval alternate world A very enjoyable read for fan

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    Amazing Full of action and fighting suspense not normally my usual reading style but got me hooked Will keep my eye out forfrom this author

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    Eh Sadly the book wasn t as good as anticipated I liked the concept, of telling a story in nights and the overall concept seemed interesting But the story just failed to really capture me.

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About the Author: Samuel Gately

Samuel Gately is a writer of novels and short stories in the fantasy genre Most have spies in them Samuel lives in Oak Park just outside Chicago with his wife, daughters, and overly fluffy dogs.

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