Rise of the Falsemarked Epub ï Rise of MOBI

It took Aaron just moments to start the war with the falsemarked Now he has five days to end it Since the return of dragons, armies and corporations have divided the skies War was inevitable And it has drawn Aaron Lorne to the city of a rival dragonarmy, accompanied only by a dead man with a secret Aaron s partner, Cal, has been recognized in the streets and barely escaped alive, leaving a trail of blood and fire for his enemies to follow The spies will need every alliance they can get to fulfill this mission, from a beautiful and mysterious rebellion leader to the other worldly Borhele Surviving in a city that longs for their blood is not enough They have a war to win Rise of the Falsemarked

About the Author: Samuel Gately

Samuel Gately is a writer of novels and short stories in the fantasy genre Most have spies in them Samuel lives in Oak Park just outside Chicago with his wife, daughters, and overly fluffy dogs.

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    An impressive second book in the series, Rise of the Falsemarked did a fantastic job of utilizing the framework established in the first book while avoiding holding the readers hand as we are reintroduced to the world Plenty has happened between the close of book 1 and this entry, with the dawn of dragon economics in a power surge analogous to the introduction of jet engines in WWII I enjoyed the complex characters on both ends of the

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