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A Very, Very Bad Thing From the author of Drag Teen, a startling novel about the complexities of identity and of truth Marley doesn t just want to be labeled The Gay Kid, but he doesn t have much else going on He doesn t have any hobbies Or interests He s the only kid he knows without a passion until Christopher comes to town He s smart, cute, gay, and the son of the country s most famous, most bigoted television evangelistMarley and Christopher immediately spark and become inseparable For a month, it s heaven Then Christopher s parents send him to a Pray Away the Gay program, which leads to even worse things Hurt and outraged, Marley tells a very big lie and then has to navigate its repercussions

About the Author: Jeffery Self

Jeffery Self is a writer and performer based in Los Angeles He recently co wrote and starred in You re Killing Me , a feature film distributed by Wolfe Releasing He was the co creator and star of Jeffery and Cole Casserole on Logo with Cole Escola He has appeared in various television shows such as 90210, Difficult People, Hot In Cleveland, Shameless, and 30 Rock He has produced written on Billy On The Street , Gay Of Thrones , and Rupaul s Gay For Play He is the author of three books Straight People A Spotter s Guide , Fifty Shades Of Gay , and Drag Teen He hosts a weekly podcast called This Is Really Important on iTunes.

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    When I first read A Very, Very Bad Thing, I thought I should have enjoyed it But theI think about this book and all it entails, theconfident I become that this is something a little worse it is one of those lgbtq books that is not written for queer teens, but for those looking for a little Suffer Porn I m tired I m going to try to explain this as best I can When a book starts out as a somewhat romcom with no substan

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    a list of things that are NOT okay this book honestly don t read it it made me way too sad please don t read it is the book s title talking about itselfReading this is like walking towards a nuclear bomb with people you love It s kind of weird the characters aren t extremely likable and the writing isn t great, but it felt real enough I got so attached to the characters, and I sensed that feeling that this will all end badl

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    Omg this book So powerful, so profound and so important I ll be posting my full review on my booktube channel at Omg this book So powerful, so profound and so important I ll be posting my full review on my booktube channel at

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    This book turned out to be a very bad thing It started off sweet, but I ended up havingproblems than benefits Admittedly, a faster than real life developing romance is not unusual in YA literature however, I think that 225 actual story pages in this case are not enough to develop round characters Here lies also one of my main problems the book seemed like something what a stereotypical Hollywood studio would produce The parents of both Mar

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    Disappointing Flat characters, unimaginative dialogue, and a weak plot.

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    Maybe this book could have been saved if it had had character development As is, it s one of the most forgettable YA books I ve read.

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    Bury your gays trope.

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    The non spoiler part of the review This was going to be three stars and a lot of side eye, but then I got to the end, sonow it s two stars and a lot of side eye It seems to be a thing in queer YA fiction for the pendulum of parental support to swing wildly between you re going to hell and yay You re gay Let s throw a party This book offers both versions I m looking forward to the day that the pendulum spendstime around That s nice, dear Now would you please take out the

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    raise ur hand if ur SICK of very, very bad things happening to very, very good gay charactersugh i m just SO disappointed the worst thing was that i truly believed that the author would flip everything on its head, and that instead of the unhappy ending we were being lead to believe we were getting, we d be surprised with a happy one but that rarely happens, right especially when it comes to gay characters everyone just seems to have a shite time and me a lil gay is left depre r

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    Listened to the audiobook, read by the author, Jeffery Self Loved this story.

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