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Darkest Desire Wolf S Life In The Wood Might Be Happy, Except For One Problem He Can T Control His Urge To Devour Children Who Stumble Across His Path His Runaway Desires Have Made Him An Outcast Among His Peers He Lives An Unhappy, Solitary Life Until He Encounters The Brothers Grimm Wolf Is Thrilled To Realize That In The Presence Of These Scholars, He Can Speak The Grimms Take Wolf Into Their Camp, Fill Him With Brandy, And Poke At The Source Of His Easily Apparent Unhappiness When They Learn The Truth About Wolf S Cravings, They Propose A Cure Now Wolf Must Make A Decision Can The Satisfaction Of A Normal Life Outweigh The Joys Of His Perversion Are His Desires Truly Deranged, Or Is He Simply Giving Full Expression To His Personal Nature Does He Have An Obligation As His Occasional Companion Devil Argues To Live As A Unique Individual In The Manner To Which He Was Born Wolf Trusts His New Friends, And Agrees To Their Cure The Brothers Construct A Complicated And Dangerous Scenario To Discover How Wolf Will Behave Is Wolf Nothing Than A Subject For Research The Grimms No Than Coniving Reporters Ultimately, Wolf, Devil, The Brothers Grimm, An Outraged Frau, And Her Endangered Babe Collide At A Pool In The Dark Wood To Settle Ancient Questions Can The Deepest And Most Perverse Desires Ever Be Overruled Or Important, Should They

About the Author: Anthony Schmitz

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Darkest Desire book, this is one of the most wanted Anthony Schmitz author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Darkest Desire

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    Darkest Desires Or, the Wolf, the Brothers Grimm, and the Devil.Some interesting ideas not, alas, expounded in a very subtle or thought provoking manner but ultimately not a very successful or enjoyable book.2...

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    Wolf is an outcast amount his kind He desires the flesh of people, especially children He feels wrong about his desires but, like any addict, can t stop himself It doesn t help that Devil keeps encouraging him.One night he stumbles on the Brothers Grimm in the forest He is drawn to

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    Darkest Desires The Wolf s Own Tale is the story of a Wolf who loves children and his enccounter with the Brothers Grimm During the time spent with the Brothers Grimm the Wolf confesses to having an unnatrual desire of eating children, to this the Brothers Grimm convince the Wolf that they

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    Certainly a short, interesting read if not necessarily an entertaining one I thought the narrating wolf was awfully melodramatic even if he was philosophical It was also kind of obvious that the Brothers Grimm were deceiving him However it s really interesting philosophically It seems almost like a

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    Anthony Schmitz manages to pack what reads like a 300 page novel into 100 pages Initially the story felt like an allegory for a serial killer I found myself comparing it to Crime and Punishment which is pretty amusing considering the difference in p...

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    A short, provocative post modern fairy tale that explores the nature of desire and society Could Wolf could have reformed had he been given the help he needed rather than being exploited by the brothers Grimm The author leaves that unanswered But the machinations of desire are...

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    grim hahaha a fun and tasty take on the true nature of things, be they people, wolves, or desire a rather funny and gruesome piece interesting take on the genesis of the Grimm s fairy tales, and, like those, really not for the kiddies always fun to read ...

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    Wow A POV of the Big Bad Wolf, but he s not just a fierce critter He sportrayed like a serial killer, or a pedophile Not pleasant reading, but very well written despite that The beginning was richer though, the end feltrushed...

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    It was a pretty good insight on the Wolf s own version of the story Maybe he was a victim too It was nicely written and pacing was also balanced The author showed good characterization of the wolf and Brothers Grimm An over all good read.

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    This book was relatively short I was in the mood to read an adapted fairy tale and this fit the bill It was philosophical and metaphorical and interesting to read I feel like it would be a GREAT novel to use in a paper on fairy tales.

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