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Local Girl Missing Una scomparsa Una ha un segreto Ogni cosa le ricordava la sua migliore amica E il segreto che condividevano Subito dopo la misteriosa scomparsa di Sophie, Francesca aveva capito di non poter pi restare a Oldcliffe, la cittadina di mare dov era nata e cresciuta, e si era trasferita a Londra per cominciare una nuova vita Ma non mai riuscita a dimenticare Cos , quando il fratello di Sophie la contatta per informarla che sono stati rinvenuti dei resti umani vicino al vecchio molo, proprio nel luogo in cui la ragazza era stata vista per l ultima volta, Francesca vorrebbe solo nascondersi, essere lasciata in pace Poi per cede alle insistenze dell uomo, che chiede il suo aiuto per ricostruire cosa veramente accaduto a Sophie quella sera di vent anni prima Non appena ritorna a Oldcliffe, tuttavia, Francesca ha l impressione di essere costantemente seguita, forse spiata E il sospetto diventa certezza nel momento in cui inizia a ricevere inquietanti messaggi anonimi e telefonate mute Come se qualcuno sapesse tutto di lei e volesse impedirle di scoprire la verit Una verit che le costerebbe molto caro Perch potrebbe portare alla luce anche il segreto che Francesca e Sophie avevano giurato di custodire a ogni costo Dopo il bestseller Le sorelle, Claire Douglas torna con una nuova storia ricca di suspense e colpi di scena, mistero e atmosfera che ha conquistato subito la vetta delle classifiche inglesi , confermandosi un autrice dal talento unico nello scandagliare il lato oscuro delle relazioni umane

About the Author: Claire Douglas

Claire Douglas always wanted to write novels and, after many years of trying to get published, her dream came true when she won the Marie Claire Debut Novel Award in 2013 with THE SISTERS.Her second and third novels, LOCAL GIRL MISSING and LAST SEEN ALIVE Penguin , are Sunday Times bestsellers.

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    I bought Local Girl Missing in Tesco for 2 when you purchased a daily newspaper and I have to say it was an excellent deal I d heard a lot about this book from online book clubs and was really looking forward to reading it It s atmospheric, dark and at times spooky and perfect for a lazy Sunday read or a sunny aftern

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    Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas is a 2017 Harper publication Eerie and tense Sophie and Frankie were best friends during their teenage years, until romantic entanglements came between them, but they eventually reconciled, and were trying to resume their friendship, but, one night, Sophie disappeared from the old Victoria

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    About Local Girl Missing is a psychological thriller written by Claire Douglas It will be published on 7 4 17 by Harper Paperbacks, an imprint of Harper Collins, 352 pages The genres are fiction, psychological thriller, suspense, and mystery.My Experience I started reading Local Girl Missing on 5 30 17 and finished it on 6 5 17 This b

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    Francesca Howe is a wealthy businesswoman when we first meet her She lives in a nice house, in London, and helps run her parents hotel business She is also in a rather dead end relationship and so, when the past intrudes on the present, she is convinced to return to Oldcliffe on Sea, the small seaside town where she grew up.Francesca or Franki

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    Twenty one year old Sophie Collier had vanished The only thing she left behind was a trainer on an old pier Her friend Francesca was broken hearted.A body has now been found and Francesca has come back to the seaside town she s tried to forget.Francesca wishes she had not returned as everywhere she goes there are ghosts from her past.Will the truth abo

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    The Sisters was one of my favourite books of last year and I admit I couldn t wait to see what Claire Douglas would follow it with and if it would be just as good.I needn t have worried Local Girl Missing is absolutely brilliant,very gripping,worth far than five stars and I am very disappointed that I have finished reading it.Frankie and Sophie have been best

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    Borderline 3 star really Good premise for a story but simply unconvincing to me In full I like the idea of this story A local girl goes missing, apparently falling off the local closed old pier and friends and family from the time go their own ways Then 18 years later the girl s brother phones the girl s best to say that part of a body has been found wearing a trainer t

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    one fine evening today I was sitting and admiring my bookshelf when my eyes fell on this book and I couldn t remember a single thing about it I opened my GR account and saw my notes on this book filled with cuss words and hatred for this book, so as I am already in mood of writing HONEST reviews today Here we go again Why I bought this book I fell in love with the cover of thi

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    Apparently I am in the minority here in thinking this book is dreadful The writing was clunky and ridden with clich s, the characters were unlikeable and the twist at the end was so obvious I was surprised and disappointed that it wasn t a red herring.Just a taste of the prose that had me raising my eyebrows The hot guy who was with Frankie last week is called Leon McNamara He s half Iri

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    Local Girl Missing is the second novel from author Claire Douglas whose first, The Sisters, received the Marie Claire Debut Novel Award in 2013 Despite the unprepossessing title which does nothing to whet the appetite, I was interested by the premise of a woman returning to her home town to confront the demons after her best friend went missing eighteen years ago The discovery of twenty one year

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