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The House This is a wonderfully dark and twisted psychological thriller by Simon Lelic It shifts and runs into unexpected places, different from the blurb given about the book Jack has uncomfortable feelings about a London house that his girlfriend, Syd Baker, thinks is perfect for them To their surprise, given they tendered a lower offer, the owner chooses them When something is too good to be true, they should have been wary, but they move in without a second thought The previous owner has left behind all his belongings, which the happy couple begin to sort through However, there are strange sounds, and gruesome discoveries in the attic There is a child s treasure box with a familiar name on it The story begins with the police watching the house, with Jack and Syd writing down their experiences of living there, with the occasional contentious perception This is a novel about the past haunting the present with its firm and tenacious grip.The narrative is delivered through our couple, Jack and Syd, documenting how their lives begin to spiral out of their control Jack is a housing officer who goes out of his way to help his desperate clients He is not close with his middle class parents who disapprove of Syd Syd s past contains trauma and drug taking, making her a vol 3.5 I haven t been very lucky with thriller so far this year but I m very happy to say this one was worth the read The writing style won t be for everyone, it s very casual and mostly in the form of journal entries However my main criteria for thrillers 3.5 STARS When Jack and Syd buy their first home together in London, they feel like they ve hit the jackpot It s a big rambling old house, and although it needs lots of work, they got a really good deal because the owner wanted a young couple to have it, and accepted their lower bid But you know the saying If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is Well that s certainly the case here Jack though, took an instant dislike to the house he found it dark and creepy, and that was even before he made a grisly discovery in the attic They decide to keep the discovery to themselves, but keeping this secret means they ve made a really bad call, leading to some life changing events.The narrative is told in the form of individual journals written by Jack and Syd It was an intelligent if unusual style of writing, but I quickly got used to it and actually enjoyed it It ce 4.5 Dark and Twisted Stars.5This book was originally titled The House I believe this is actually a apt title this book is about Jack and Sid finding their dream house a house really out of their price range yet unbelievably they get it at first they feel lucky although Jack is never quite sold on the house The house is also filled with all the possessions and furnishings of the previous owner who moved to Australia and left his belongings behind at first they were having fun going through the former owner s belongings having fun playing the vinyl records, but then they encounter a strange smell and then things go sideways and bump in the night..The beginning of this book is told very cleverly Jack and Sid are co authoring a manuscript to give to the police explaining all the events leading up to the discovery of a murdered neighbor in the alley behind their house I thought this was very effective you got a glimpse into both Sid and Jack s perspectives it was almost as though you were reading their journal or they were talking directly to you I found both Sid and Jack s characters quite interesting although I was always a little sure that Jack was being honest Sid was a little bit of a mysteryDon t want to go too much into the plot just know it is full of twists and turns and quite dark there is also abuse, so if this is something that puts you off a book I would not recommend.Something I foun A truly unique reading experience with some fantastic twists that had me up late finishing See my full review on my blog When I first started to read The New Neighbors by Simon Lelic, I honestly didn t know what to make of it Lelic uses a really interesting style with this book, where for about the first 2 3 the two main characters are writing back and forth journal entries trying to explain what happened and what led them to the first big twist no spoilers, sorry What was interesting, though, was that their journal entries almost sounded like they were reading each other s as they wrote, even though their intended audience was a third party Sometimes they d respond to what the other said in a very humorous way I really ended up enjoying it Though I m not sure I completely trusted either narrative, since they repeatedly mentioned that they were leaving some things out Discovering those things was half the surprise, though Jack and Syd have found their forever houseAfter looking at houses all over London, Jack and Syd finally find the house THE house The forever house that they can grow old in Sure, the house is dark and a little creepy, but it is large and in a good neighborhood and they get an offer accepted almost immediately Strange, though, that they offered jut under asking, with several other buyers on the market Don t worry, the agent tells them The owner took a liking to Jack and Syd He chose them out of all the offers This is a domestic psychological thriller, heavier on the domestic side which kind of threw me for a loop I always love a dual perspective novel, and this one added another dimension the first part of the story is told from journal entries and the conversational tone of the narrative was unique This one just went in a different direction than I w It s impossible to start this book and not become addicted to it instantly The way the book is written Jack and his girlfriend Syd, write their side of the story as a journal in alternating chapters just intrigues you so much you have to keep reading What is it about the house that s so troublesome What s that smell Who is Elise Admittedly I would have liked a little goings on with The House since that s the title of the book initially you believe that because there s a grisly find in the loft that the story will take off in that spooky direction but sadly it doesn t This is much a character driven novel which still definitely works, and because of the way the book is written you are sent deep inside the heads of Jack and Syd and therefore know exactly how they re feeling and what they want you to see.This book may not be quite as riveting or compelling as some psychological thrillers during the main part of the story but i 2.5 starsI do believe my expectations were too high.The story begins with an intriguing scene that caught my interest right away, one of the characters declares The thing I ve planned so carefully has gone drastically, horribly wrong The beginning was great and I loved set up of how a new couple Jack and Syd were shopping for their first home in London Syd falls instantly in love with the house, while Jack has his reservations The house was described as being abandoned by the owner who fled to Australia to find true love, leaving all his possessions and a cluttered mess behind.They buy the house and strange things begin to happen I was thinking this was going to venture into horror or perhaps paranormal..smells penetrating the walls, gruesome discovery in the attic, and strange happenings What started out as a dark thriller Reading The House Author Simon Lelic Bystricepodhostynem.eu What If Your Perfect Home Turned Out To Be The Scene Of The Perfect Crime Londoners Jack And Syd Moved Into The House A Year Ago It Seemed Like Their Dream Home Tons Of Space, The Perfect Location, And A Friendly Owner Who Wanted A Young Couple To Have It.So When They Made A Grisly Discovery In The Attic, Jack And Syd Chose To Ignore It That Was A Mistake Because Someone Has Just Been Murdered Right Outside Their Back Door.And Now The Police Are Watching Them Damn, this book was GOOD Fun fact about me first I ve been dying to crack into the suspense thriller genre again for a long time now, so when I came across this book on NetGalley I had to put in a request for it and was elated to find that I was approved It shot up my TBR list just because it fit the bill for what I was craving perfectly, and boy am I glad it did because Simon Lelic s prose alone was enough to keep me totally invested in this story from start to finishWhen you re caught inside a dungeon, even the faintest flicker in the dark is like a promise of daylight And if it turns out not to be, if it turns out instead to be a burning staircase Well You take your chances anyway I cannot say enough good things about Lelic s command of language and the conversational tone of his prose Written in an alternating first person point of view between Jack and Syndney s perspectives, The House was totally gripping from start to finish First person point of view and I sometimes have problems I find that a lot of newer authors writing from this POV tend to focus too heavily on action and forget to include prose that engages your mind Lelic never does The plot moves along at a snappy pace the entire time, but the pros

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