Pulled Thread Embroidery PDF/EPUB Ç Pulled Thread

Pulled Thread Embroidery good examples in modern design sectiongood section on edgings Pulled thread embroidery transforms a piece of ordinary fabric into delicate lace by compressing threads of loosely woven background material with tightly pulled stitches Focusing on this age old craft, Moyra McNeill s clearly written, profusely illustrated how to book shows embroiderers what attractive effects can be achieved by using relatively simple techniques For needlecrafters desiring greater challenges, complex ideas are presented as wellFollowing a brief introductory history of the craft, easy to follow instructions are provided for creating dozens of decorative stitches, among then the diagonal cross, open trellis and checker fillings the ripple, Finnish, cushion, diamond, triangle, and braid stitches as well as composite stitches displaying a reeded stitch and mosaic fillingConcluding sections describe procedures for a variety of edgings simple faced, hern stitched picot, and fringed and for creating inspired designs of your own, while a final chapter exhibits decorative examples of pulled work embroidery from the past

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