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BJ 알렉스 Every night at 10, Dong gyun locks himself up in his room, grabs a box of tissues, and watches a live cam boy show hosted by Alex, a BJ broadcast jockey Timid Dong gyun admires not only Alex s ripped body, but his candor in sharing his sexual experiences with viewers One night, Dong gyun downs too many drinks at a school networking event and passes out When he wakes up, he s in bed staring up at a shirtless hunk A hunk who looks an awful lot likeAlex. WOW I ve followed this manhwa now for than a year and now it s completed I can t describe how much I loved it The characters, the storyline, THE FREAKING ENDING If you like Boys Love you HAVE TO READ THIS MASTERPIECE I am not ready to say goodbye yet. Alex Jiwon may have been a bit of a dic at start, but in the end he showed his true self and caring nature, and he was also jealous and protective af DG deserved to be cared for and they were a good couple. This is going to be long and might feel like a rant, so I d really like to apologize beforehand Broadcast Jockeys, or BJs, are Koreans who stream games, music, singing, live talk sessions and sometimes sexually suggestive acts, albeit without nudity Websites like afreecaTV allow BJs to earn through their streams by giving viewers the ability to pay for certain services thank you, Urban Dictionary.Therefore, the title of the webtoon Oh, and this is Alex, by the way No comment on the way he looks He is not the nicest person in the world, OK But I liked that he gives the image of someone who knows what they want And what he specifically has made clear is that the only relationship he wants is with himself And up to this point he s quite consistent DG is the other main character Alex s super biggest most devoted fan ever His greatest dream is to meet the eternal object of his desires Ta da da guess what happens To some strange plans of fate, they meet in real life and start having a sexual relationship Right Now, I know this is romance, and most likely those two main characters are going to end up together, but in real life sexually compatible people don t necessarily fall in love with each other And a relationship like that often remains only physical DG is BEYOND plain as a character and I often thought why would Alex fall for him anyway Fan raging not sure if there s even such a word, that s how annoyed I am, I make up words D and not respecting someone s decision is not attractive While this started as an awesome and original story, there came a point where I felt beyond annoyed It s still an on going webtoon and things might change, but I definitely don t like where this relationship is going.The artwork is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen, but I really expected from the characters

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