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Julie of the Wolves Miyax, Like Many Adolescents, Is Torn But Unlike Most, Her Choices May Determine Whether She Lives Or Dies At 13, An Orphan, And Unhappily Married, Miyax Runs Away From Her Husband S Parents Home, Hoping To Reach San Francisco And Her Pen Pal But She Becomes Lost In The Vast Alaskan Tundra, With No Food, No Shelter, And No Idea Which Is The Way To Safety Now, Than Ever, She Must Look Hard At Who She Really Is Is She Miyax, Eskimo Girl Of The Old Ways Or Is She Julie Her Gussak White People Name , The Modernized Teenager Who Must Mock The Traditional Customs And When A Pack Of Wolves Begins To Accept Her Into Their Community, Miyax Must Learn To Think Like A Wolf As Well If She Trusts Her Eskimo Instincts, Will She Stand A Chance Of Surviving

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    Amaroq Kapu My heart

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    at first I thought Julie s observations of wolf behavior to be overly simplistic It s not just a matter of adopting their vocal cues to one another that will allow you to approach a wild wolf and gain it

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    A reminder of what the world was like to live in Nature and with nature.It took me a while to read this and it had little to do with the story and mostly to do with time I m so glad I finally read this story I fin

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    3.5 starsI m glad that this is getting re released, because I think that it deserves to find a new generation of fans This book is very short less than one hundred pages and simply written, but I found it very affecting non

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    This book won the Newbery award in 1973 It is really excellent and quite an amazing story I thoroughly enjoyed it Because my husband LOVES Alaska so much, he also read it Well, I love Alaska too We would go back there in 2 split seco

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    Every writer should read this little Newberry winner.Why I m glad you asked, and I am so happy to answer.Every writer should read this little Newberry winner to learn that a book with a fast paced narrative that is readable may not only sell w

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    The author spent a summer watching and studying the behaviors of a wolf pack in Denali She had seen a young woman walking the tundra alone The story is inspired.Julie of the Wolves is a story about Miyak s journey from leaving a frightening situation be

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    I decided it best to reacquaint myself with this story since it had been such a long time between my original read and this review and let me just say what a difference time has had with this one My memories were of this little girl who happened to make friends w

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    Wanda s Summer Carnival of Children s Literature Although I know that I read Julie of the Wolves when I was about 11 years old, I could not recall a single detail of it, just a general impression that it had been an enjoyable book I think I got much out of it readi

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    Real Rating 4.5 starsI m editing my shite review and trying to do this work of art justice I love this book It s amazing, at first I was unsure of whether I would like it or not, but, turns out that I love it This is a short novel approximately 176 pgs but it s so worth reading I ha

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