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A Night on the Tiles Ever wonder what your cat does when he ventures out at night Chases mice in the garden Climbs the nearest tree Not this cat He has a myriad of destinations By night he zips around town on his scooter He attends the Cat Academy, where he is enrolled in fashion design, woodworking, and mechanics Then he pops in to see Jean Pierre the barber to have his whiskers trimmed He may even have a date for the movies or with feline friends at the dog track But no matter where his adventures take him, he always returns just in time to wake his owner Here is another quirky tale by Bruce Ingman, author and illustrator of When Martha s Away and Lost Property Ingman s bold, inventive artwork is perfectly suited to this clever tale of a cat s night on the town and is guaranteed to give children fits of the giggles

About the Author: Bruce Ingman

Bruce Ingman is a British picture book author and illustrator He was born in Liverpool, and studied fine art at Nottingham Trent University and illustration at the Royal College of Art, London He has taught at a number of art colleges and has illustrated for magazines, including British Vogue and The Sunday Times He published his first book, When Martha s Away, in 1995, and has gone on to illustrate a number of other authors books, including multiple titles from the celebrated Allan Ahlberg Ingman regularly gives talks and workshops in schools, theatres and at literary festivals, including Cheltenham, Edinburgh and Oxford, and he is a founding Ambassador for the House of Illustration, the world s first dedicated home for the art of illustration.

10 thoughts on “A Night on the Tiles

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    Every night while you re asleep, your cat Lionel gets on his scooter, goes to Cat School, and then goes for milkshakes and a movie with friends.I want to have this cat s life Why do I not have this cat s life.

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    If you re a fan of Audrey Hepburn and her movie Roman Holiday like I am you ll still find this book a little boring.Ages 4 7 Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs

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    This is one of our favourites I ve been reading it to my seven year old his whole life But now he can read it himself and in fact took it to school and read it to his class yesterday We love this book We also love cats, which definitely has something to do with it.

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    I ve read many a problematic picture book that was written decades before I was born but I am pleased to announce this is not one of them A Night on the Tiles pleasantly surprised me Have you ever wondered where your cat goes after you fall asleep Well, first they go to school

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    Martha s cat Lionel reveals his secret nightlife which includes lessons at the Cat Academy, popping in to the barber, and maybe a movie.

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    I wish this book wereeasily available, because I think it s a total hoot It s about what cats do while we sleep, and evidently they live expatriate lives in 60s Rome, riding scooters and watching Audrey Hepburn movies, in between designing submarines and studying mechanics The art is beautiful and interesting, and there are plenty of little details to discover on multiple readings My son

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    This was a good book or cat lovers The cat leaves his home at night to pursue his secret life of very human activity The illustrations are simple and creative There are a couple photographs cleverly mixed in to the simple paintings It was a pretty neat book Creative.

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    What a great book for young readers who love cats It just so happens that I have one of those at my house.

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    funny picture book all about Cat Night school after you re asleep

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    I actually read this aloud to Sara at Harvey s before releasing it this afternoon.

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