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Fireflies (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics) Fireflies tells the story of Trinidad s most venerated Hindu family, the Khojas Rigidly orthodox, presiding over acres of ill kept sugarcane and hoards of jewellery enthusiastically guarded by old Mrs Khoja, they seem to have triumphed by default than by anything else Only Baby Khoja, who is parcelled off into an arranged marriage with a bus driver, proves an exception to this rule She is the heroine, and her story the single gleaming thread in Shiva Naipaul s ferociously comic and profoundly sad first novel

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    I waited a long time to write the review of this book as I struggled to find anything meaningful in my own response to it.The Khojas are The preeminent Indian family in Trinidad, not least in their own estimation, and the story starts with a minor family member being parceled out in an arranged marriage to a bus driver and then follows her life over th

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    This is an all and all family saga One would have just find it boring had it not been brilliantly written by Shiva Naipaul He has made a very ordinary story otherwise into a master piece Story of Khoja family in Trinidad In its wholeness, it is a very sad story where nothing seems to be going right for any character in it Still it is remarkably funny and wi

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    After reading 4 5 books, I always dive back into a classic The slow pace of the story, the deeper meaning of words, the grey areas where characters seek their energy, a classic has the power to take away all the heaviness Last month, I picked up Fireflies by Shiva Naipaul as my classic, and I must say it was a complete roller coaster ride of emotions From the ch

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    The Khojas are the big fish in the small pond of Trinidad s Hindu community, jealously maintaining their position as their fortunes slowly decline Fireflies is the story of Baby Khoja, married off to a bus driver, making her own path through life with a determination that her family regards as mere stubbornness This is an amazing read, the straightforward style is de

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    He reluctantly kneels in respect for Nabokov and bays at the moon for Bellow, but in a blink and you miss it footnote in the excellent selection of essays War Against Cliche, Martin gushes his Amisian admiration for this 1970 novel In one of those silly twists of synchronicity, no sooner had I read the Enfant Terrible s Easter egg encyclical did I discover this very tasty

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    This is Baby Khoja Lutchman s story She is a Trinidadian Indian who is married off to a bus driver at the age of 15, an arranged marriage Her husband is a brute who drinks, and beats her, and goes with sex workers, and eventually takes on a mistress.P.58 when she thought of The other woman, she experienced neither bitterness nor jealousy, but found she could contemplate the im

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    Fireflies by Shiva Naipaul10 out of 10To have one genius in the family is extremely rare, but to find two brilliant brothers under the same roof it is already miraculous and this is the case of Shiva Naipaul, brother of the glorious V.S Naipaul A Bend in the River is reviewed here The younger brother lived under an intimidating burden of expectation , but the result is, among other

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    Another gem on my bookshelf I loved the pace of this book, it s well defined characters in particular the strong will powered Mrs Lutchman and their hopes and despairs and attempts at finding and holding on to identities in a changing world There are funny moments, moments when you want to rip your hair out and give Mr Koja or Romesh a good slap in the face and moments when you ll strug

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    This was between 3 and 4 stars Three because at some points it was really boring and slow but 4 because the characters were really endearing and I appreciated their growth and commentaries on their lives.

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    I wonder if it will be for everyone out of print, I believe , but I love this novel just as much as I love his candid and cantankerous travel writing.

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