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The Escape Room Vincent, Jules, Sylvie, and Sam are ruthlessly ambitious high flyers working in the lucrative world of Wall Street finance where deception and intimidation thrive Getting rich is all that matters, and they ll do anything to reach the top.When they are ordered to participate in a corporate team building exercise that requires them to escape from a locked elevator, dark secrets of their team begin to be laid bare.The biggest mystery to solve in this lethal game What happened to Sara Hall Once a young shining star now gone but not forgotten.This is no longer a game They re fighting for their lives.

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    My team was involved in structuring the acquisition Sylvie, who was the team s tax expert, figured out that if the production of the parts was taken offshore then we could take advantage of a tax incentive in the destination country that would save our client 110 million over five years That alone would effectively pay for the acquisition. My reaction to The Escape

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    Wow, what an amazing book I ve read many psychological thrillers, but this one is at a different level entirely In a world where greed rules and everything else is just an annoyance we see 4 members of an elite investment banking team embarking on an escape room challenge that they have been told is compulsory by their employers Yet after a while they find that this is n

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    5 stars for the entertainment factor ZERO stars for believability In the end, fun beat out reality The Escape Room is a psychological thriller about four co workers locked in an elevator in order to complete a team building exercise They think they just need to complete the challenge and they will be free to go, but things don t go as planned What seemed like a harmless game

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    Hello friends, let me introduce you to my latest compulsive read It was utter bananas, and for those who need a grounded, realistic thriller, this is not for you However, if you fall into the category of I need a fast paced, balls to the wall, compulsive page turner , do yourself a favor and move The Escape Room to the top of your summer TBR list I was perusing my shelves this w

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    4.25 If you ve ever been in a corporate setting, you may be familiar with this The dreaded yet mandatory work event You know one of those sleeper, team building exercises guaranteed to leave you rolling your eyes Okay, so what if it involves an escape room Sounds like fun right You bet Right up to the exact moment you realize this may no longer be a game Sara Hall finally landed her

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    Team building at its best or worst..Ruthless, ambitious, selfish, greedy, jealous, intelligent, hardworking, devious and trapped are words that can easily describe Vincent, Sam, Jules, and Sylvie They live a life of luxury fueled by the adrenaline that comes from making billion dollar deals No one looks better, works harder or lives faster than these four It s a dog eat dog world they w

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    OMG..YES This captivating, engrossing book had me transfixed from page one Waste not one minute wondering if this one is worth the read jump in and do it It SO is The book covers two storylines, the first is that of Sara Hall, a bright, MBA, up and comer, who is fortunate enough, as a result of a chance meeting in an elevator, to get a shot at the dazzling job of her dreams Speaking of elev

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    they thought it was a game, but they never signed a waiver.for MURRRRRDERRRR this is what a christopher pike novel looks like when it grows up this is Saw in an elevator if you think either of those comments are made disparagingly, let s never be friends this book is pure freaking fun it grabs your attention from the outset and keeps you locked in for the duration of the ride, action flipping b

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    4 Stars.At Stanhope, it s a Dog Eat Dog World Here s hoping you come out of it alive Being trapped on an elevator sounds bad on any given day, am I right Imagine however being trapped in an elevator with three colleagues in what your boss calls a team building exercise known as The Escape Room The elevator is pitch black and the temperature is boiling hot to start Think Bikram Yoga my favorite Then

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    Well this was a pleasant surprise I started reading around midnight with the intention of getting in a couple of chapters before I went to sleep and the next thing I knew my morning alarm was going off This is one of those kind of stories that you read purely for the entertainment value This book won t win any literary awards and it certainly won t change your life, but if you re looking for an absorbi

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