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A Meaning to Life Does Human Life Have Any Meaning Does The Question Even Make Sense Today For Centuries, The Question Of The Meaning Or Purpose Of Human Life Was Assumed By Scholars And Theologians To Have A Religious Answer Life Has Meaning Because Humans Were Made In The Image Of A Good God In The Th Century, However, Charles Darwin S Theory Of Evolution Changed Everything And The Human Organism Was Seen To Be Machine Than Spirit Ever Since, With The Rise Of Science And Decline Of Religious Belief, There Has Been Growing Interest And Growing Doubt About Whether Human Life Really Does Have Meaning If It Does, Where Might We Find It The Historian And Philosopher Of Science Michael Ruse Investigates This Question, And Wonders Whether We Can Find A New Meaning To Life Within Darwinian Views Of Human Nature If God No Longer Exists Or If God No Longer Cares Rather Than Promoting A Bleak Nihilism, Many Darwinians Think We Can Convert Darwin Into A Form Of Secular Humanism Ruse Explains That, In A Tradition Going Back To The Time Of Darwin Himself, And Represented Today By The Evolutionist E O Wilson, Evolution Is Seen As Progress From Monad To Man And That Positive Meaning Is Found In Continuing And Supporting This Upwards Path Of Life In A Meaning To Life, Michael Ruse Argues That This Is A False Turn, And There Is No Real Progress In The Evolutionary Process Rather, Meaning In The Darwinian Age Can Be Found If We Turn To A Kind Of Darwinian Existentialism, Seeing Our Evolved Human Nature As The Source Of All Meaning, Both In The Intellectual And Social Worlds Ruse Argues That It Is Only By Accepting Our True Nature Evolved Over Millennia That Humankind Can Truly Find What Is Meaningful

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    He doesn t take much of a firm stance, yet his comments on the thoughts of others, the perspectives of various religious ideologies, and importance of consciousness were all well put.

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    I guess I agree with his overall points without god, meaning is what we make it There s no obstacle to having a meaning to life without god We could possibly explain our desire for meaning through a Darwinism lens And I guess it s a clever title that it s not called The Meaning Of Life But

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    I won this book on Goodreads This book did not hold my interest, although I did read until the end of the book I was not engaged in it I felt it ultimately didn t say much of anything It was just the author s view points and speculation Not that I was looking for concrete absolute answers but I want

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    Maybe it s because I m listening to an audiobook and not reading it, but I can t bring myself to finish it I m about 75% of the way through and the author just seems like he s rambling.I might pick this back up, but if I do it ll be a physical book or an ebook.

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