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The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth In The Twenty Five Years After , The World Enjoyed The Deepest Peace In History In The Rise And Fall Of Peace On Earth, The Eminent Foreign Policy Scholar Michael Mandelbaum Examines That Remarkable Quarter Century, Describing How And Why The Peace Was Established And Then Fell Apart To Be Sure, Wars Took Place In This Era, But Less Frequently And On A Far Smaller Scale Than In Previous Periods Mandelbaum Argues That The Widespread Peace Ended Because Three Major Countries Vladimir Putin S Russia In Europe, Xi Jinping S China In East Asia, And The Shia Clerics Iran In The Middle East Put An End To It With Aggressive Nationalist Policies Aimed At Overturning The Prevailing Political Arrangements In Their Respective Regions The Three Had A Common Motive Their Need To Survive In A Democratic Age With Their Countries Prospects For Economic Growth UncertainMandelbaum Further Argues That The Key To The Return Of Peace Lies In The Advent Of Genuine Democracy, Including Free Elections And The Protection Of Religious, Economic, And Political Liberty Yet, Since Recent History Has Shown That Democracy Cannot Be Imposed From The Outside, The Rise And Fall Of Peace On Earth Has A Dual Message While The World Has A Formula For Peace, There Is No Way To Ensure That All Countries Will Embrace It

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    I haven t read any of Michael Mandelbaum s other books, although I have come across his essays from time to time in Foreign Affairs Obviously, his credentials and career as a foreign policy academic are impressive This book, though, comes off as thin to anyone reasonably conversant on the topics under review Leave aside that the grandiose title is misleading One wants to sell books after all And Mandelbaum does stipulate rel

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    Summary Develops the thesis that 1989 2014 represented a singular period of widespread peace marked by absence of conflict between major powers, and what might lead to a return to peace in the future.Michael Mandelbaum proposes that the period between 1989 and 2014 was a singular period in recent history of global peace At first glance, I want to say, you ve got to be kidding My mind goes to Bosnia, Kosovo, Rwanda, 9 11, Kuwait, Af

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    The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth by Michael Mandelbaum covers the time from the fall of the Soviet Union to the early years of Donald Trump and looks at how the peaceful equilibrium achieved in international relations with US Hegemony has eroded in the last 20 years This book breaks into three areas that focus on three antagonists in each area Russia s resurgence especially under Vladimir Putin has been a destabilization factor in both U

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Should be named Foundations of the Current State of Global Geopolitics If you stopped following geopolitics since school, do pick up this book Mandelbaum explains how the post Cold War peace period of, say, deep peace differs from what came after, marked by Russia s invasion of Ukraine in 2014 It explains how peace derives from the conjunction of 3 preconditions democra

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    The author s take on the post cold war era peace was very limited and did not look at the problem in a holistic or detailed manner When it comes to Russia and China, a lot of it was right but the author s claims that Iran is the sole reason for end of relative peace in the middle east is delusional Pretty much what the author keeps saying is the US, Israel, free market and democracy are good but Russia, China, Iran and any other forms of government economy

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    Excellent An excellent and well argued yet brief case for why peace is possible and why the spread of democracy is an important step towards this goal But the author also rightly points out two things First, peace does not mean the end of arguments, disagreement, competition or conflict And second, democracy cannot be installed from the outside.

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    Very well written Concise and to the point, almost to a fault The author did a wonderful job explaining his points and drawing conclusions Just a great read if you are interested in the subject My only wish is there would have been a littlehistory intertwined.

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