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Lock & West This book stole my entire heart in the best possible way I laughed, I cried, and I pulled so hard for Lock and West page after painstaking page What I loved best about this book, told in dual POVs, is the authenticity of both MCs voices Lock literally jumps off the page at you, so real and misunderstood And West The I got to know him, the in love with him I fell.Eberhart has crafted a masterclass in plot and voice and character development in one fell swoop The themes of this book are not light Lock and West deal with heavy emotional, psychological, and physical issues, but what I found enormously refreshing was that the author didn t expect each character to fix the other He allowed them to sort through their own issues outside the context of their relationship I also like how, although several adults in their lives were awful, there were others who served as wonderful mentors.In all, I highly recommend this book to fans of Adam Silvera and Shaun David Hutchinson. I rarely if ever write book reviews but for this one I just had to because it is really exceptional and close to home for me There are a lot of heavy subjects in this book, but it never seems forced, because the characters have depth and you get real insights about how they feel Some parts might be kind of hard to read, which just goes to show what a great job he did writing this book Especially noteworthy is the fact how the topic of eating disorders is handled Alexander really captures the fact how eating disorders are often intertwined with other problems and how it is not just about being thin but about getting control of your life This book is going to stay with me quite some time, I already now that I will be re reading it often I already liked There goes sunday school but with this book you can really see the progression as an author I m excited to to read whatever comes next 4.5 StarsIt s obvious Alexander C Eberhart did not set out to write a fluffy teen romance when he penned Lock West He absolutely succeeded in not doing that The characters who ve lent their name to the title of this Young Adult novel carry some baggage that should cause you to heed the warning in the blurb The instances of sexual abuse mentioned include rape off page , attempted rape on page , with ongoing physical intimidation and assault that readers witness firsthand There is also an instance of attempted suicide and discussions of past attempted suicide that affect Lock directly and indirectly, so again, don t treat this as Young Adult lite, if you should choose to read it.All that said, this is some impactful YA fiction that treats its characters and the issues they face with a brutal honesty and unflinching respect, and I was deeply moved by them and their story The teenagers are not cookie cutter imitations of high schoolers they act their age rather than like kids mimicking adults, which is a pet peeve of mine, so I appreciated that They do face some tough issues, however, that would make me question my own strength and courage The adults in the story are neither all good nor all bad West s parents are garbage, though I did end up giving his sister, Claire, a mental fist bump after one pivotal scene and liked her through to the end Lock s family situation is entirely complicated as well, but we get some positive reinforcements from West s best friend Chels s parents, and from Lock s Aunt Jill though she s got her own secrets which held consequences for his family The secrets both Lock and West hold close to the chest, whether they are family related or of a personal nature, are the architects of burden The weight of their struggles presents differently, but the demands on them beg equally for some type of order in the chaos and justice for their sorrows For Lock that order comes with the need to enumerate things when he s anxious, while for West the toll is much greater, presenting through an eating disorder that allows him the illusion of having control over his body There were some insightful analogous moments through the story, in the way Lock s and West s lives are so divergent and yet run so many parallels, but none is so poignant or pointed as the tragi comedy mask that West wears and tries desperately to cling to before everything begins to unravel This novel is no doubt angsty, but I would not say that the angst is at all gratuitous This is a book that someone, anyone, could pick up and see themselves in, if not directly, at least in part, because Eberhart draws on the deep well of the human condition to craft a story with heart, soul, and resonance. Fiv ing excellent Likable and believable characters deal with some dark shit, but without becoming depressing I m not going to try write a coherent or reasoned review This is much like The Art of Starving or Last Seen Leaving than Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, which it seems is how I prefer my gay YA content, because I really loved this one too.The main couple s parents are not the perfect accepting fantasy parents that show up in a lot of YA I am usually not here for family conflict or coming out rejection, and there s some pretty brutal mother son stuff on one side, but it didn t dominate the story or make me too uncomfortable Warnings for rape, cheating, eating and other mental health issues, family conflict, and suicide.Things that did kind of nag at me a bit Lock definitely comes off as non neurotypical, but this isn t really addressed in the text Which I guess you could take as either a good or a bad thing I m undecided Also Lock is POC, but apart from one single mention of his skin tone, and a maybe 3 sentence exchange where someone asks him directly, I don t think I d have figured that out had I not been aware of it going in.Anyhow, it s awesome and it s going on the favorites shelf. First of all, don t let the length of this novel deter you This is the shortest 500 page read you ll cruise through.The drama and there s loads of it in Lock s life AND in West s, is enough to fill three novels This turns out to be a good thing as it keeps you reading these short chapters, told in their alternating voices.Buffering the angst are some amazing friends and family members in both of the main characters lives And the hope for a true relationship between Lock and West looms on the horizon as an antidote to all the turmoil in their Hotatlanta.There is a folksiness to the novels of Alexander C Eberhart That tone creates a safety net for the tightropes that each of these young men must walk, a promise of sweetness in the sawdust And while lack of trust prevents Lock and West from asking for help for loooooooong stretches, and can be off putting, it is believable.Eberhart has become a must read for me. Trigger Warnings This book and review contain sensitive topics Mentions of eating disorders, sexual assault, and suicide are included Please read at your own discretion I m a sucker for emotional stories I love when a story can make me feel a thousand things all at once When a story can make me laugh and cry in the same page, have me on the edge of my chair metaphorically of course, because in the middle of a mid west winter, I m reading from the comfort of my bed wanting , when a story hits me with something raw and real and I feel a connection unlike any other with a character.I love those types of stories This was one for me.When I saw the promotional teasers the quote above , I knew that I d love this book It was kind of like love at first sight, but one sided because books don t feel things, they just make you feel things I immediately connected with both Lock and West, but mostly Lock and his social anxiety and lack of crazy life experiences Not to say his life hasn t been crazy, but I ll let you read and find out about that for yourself.I started reading at about 2pm today, and finished it at almost 7pm I took 1 break to grab a snack, promptly realized that this book would have me on a roller coaster similar to that of the one I was on when I read The Fault in Our Stars laugh one line, cry the next, back to laughing and maybe spitting out your snack and decided against the snack It d slow me down anyways.Throughout the story there are both subtle and not so subtle references to Donald Trump, Twilight, and even Demi Lovato The pop culture and political statements were perfectly entwined, and not only did they remind me that I was reading something set in the real world I m usually a fantasy paranormal fan , but they shed some light on the author s stances on things, and I loved getting to see bits and pieces tossed in.One of my favorite things were the little hints of inside looks at the publishing process Throughout the book you see comments from a few different characters about editing, formatting, and writing One of the 2 main characters has a passion for storytelling, and we get to see this in the way he views the world and weaves it into a work in progress.There are some super intense moments in this book Bombs were dropped One of them I definitely saw coming, but the other 2 caught me completely by surprise This is where the trigger warnings come in, and while the mentions of suicide weren t intensely graphic, they were still written in detail, and you knew exactly what was going on.On the other hand, the mentions of sexual assault were than just mentions, and yes there is a disclaimer from the publisher to warn on the potential triggers, but I ll say right now despite the fact that there are a few graphic scenes, I personally wasn t affected by them Which means that again, the author did something right I was able to read it and feel what the character felt, but it didn t send me into a panic, or trigger me personally.Lastly, the mention of an eating disorder is brought up a few times, as it affects one of our characters and honestly minor spoiler here it was a much needed element because a lot of times in YA literature we don t see eating disorders in male characters The truth of the matter is that in the United States, at least 10 million males are affected by some type of eating disorder at some point in their lives and this representation in the book is good.Overall, this is a beautifully written novel with wonderful LGBT representation, painfully accurate portrayal of various mental health and social issues, and it made me feel so many things, it was hard to know where to begin Lock West collided during the messiest times in their lives, and they have to come to terms with things they didn t want to come to terms with It s hard, its painful, and it s raw Eberhart s ability to make me feel everything they were feeling, while they felt it and even after the book was over, was magical.You can also view my review on grandgalaxyreviews.wordpress.com Emotional, funny and angsty YA which kept me reading till the wee hours because damn it are the kids going to be ok is all I could think of and just could not put it down.This author is new to me and I will be interested to see where he goes from here. Lock West FTW This is but exactly the messy, chaotic, sweet gay teen romance I didn t know I needed so badly So tumultuous and endearing Every emotion All the feels. That got angsty Still, very good YA read Easy flow, good voice LOVED the lists and notes opening the chapters Funny AND emotional 3 Note To Self Just Don t Be Weird Lock is awkward He can t make eye contact, counts when he s nervous and has to remind himself several times a day how normal teens behave Homeschooled most of his life, he s resigned himself to a friendless existence at his new Atlanta high school Until he meets West List Of Reasons Why My Life Is A Mess How Much Time Do You Have West has everything Looks Talent Money And secrets so many secrets Beneath the surface of West s perfect existence is a pain he s buried so deep a million therapists couldn t unearth it and he s determined to keep it that way He s an actor He can act normal But then there s Lock Sometimes Two Wrongs Can Be Right They don t fit Their lives are equal but opposite disasters and the universe just keeps throwing obstacles in their path Every time they are together they find it harder to say goodbye, harder to keep their secrets, harder not to lean on each other But for this relationship to have a fighting chance, the two must stop trying to re write the past and start figuring out how to build a future together Warning This book deals with content which some readers may find disturbing such as eating disorders, past sexual abuse and post traumatic stress disorder.

About the Author: Alexander C. Eberhart

ALEXANDER grew up in the Metro Atlanta Area his entire life, moving from suburb to suburb, just on the outskirts of the city He s always had a passion for writing, even from a young age He still lives on the cusp of Atlanta, inching his way ever closer to finally becoming the City Dweller he s always wanted to be.In the meantime, he spends his days writing stories with queer characters and drink

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